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The Correspondence between Prof. Paul Demiéville and Prof. Jao Tsung-iCheng, WM; Tang, WH; Yiu, CF; Luo, H2012214
饒宗颐教授學術藝術年表Cheng, PWM; Tang, WH2012116
香港大學饒宗頤學術館藏品圖錄Ⅱ: 館藏古籍珍善本Cheng, PWM; Kung, M; Tang, WH2011101
Embryonic lethality in mice lacking the nuclear factor of activated t cells 5 protein due to impaired cardiac development and functionMak, MC; Lam, KM; Chan, PK; Lau, YB; Tang, WH; Yeung, PKK; Ko, BCB; Chung, SMS; Chung, SK2011159
Polyol pathway impairs the function of SERCA and RyR in ischemic-reperfused rat hearts by increasing oxidative modifications of these proteinsTang, WH; Kravtsov, GM; Sauert, M; Tong, XY; Hou, XY; Wong, TM; Chung, SK; Man Chung, SS2010173
Cardiac contractile dysfunction during acute hyperglycemia due to impairment of SERCA by polyol pathway-mediated oxidative stressTang, WH; Cheng, WT; Kravtsov, GM; Tong, XY; Hou, XY; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM2010165
MIX-crowds, an anonymity scheme for file retrieval systemsTang, WH; Chan, HW2009165
Polyol pathway mediates iron-induced oxidative injury in ischemic-reperfused rat heartTang, WH; Wu, S; Wong, TM; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM2008138
Regulating taxi services in the presence of congestion externalityYang, H; Ye, M; Tang, WH; Wong, SC2005148
Software testing education and training in Hong KongChan, FT; Tse, TH; Tang, WH; Chen, TY2005444
Children with Respiratory Disease associated with Human Metapneumovirus in Hong KongPeiris, JSM; Tang, WH; Chan, KH; Khong, PL; Guan, Y; Lau, YL; Chiu, SSS200391
Regulating taxi services in the presence of congestion externalityYe, M; Yang, H; Tang, WH; Wong, SC200388
Children with respiratory disease associated with metapneumovirus in Hong KongPeiris, JSM; Tang, WH; Chan, KH; Khong, PL; Guan, Y; Lau, YL; Chiu, SS2003126
Modeling urban taxi services: a literature survey and an analytical exampleYang, H; Ye, M; Tang, WH; Wong, SC2002155
Multi-period dynamic modeling of urban taxi servicesYang, H; Ye, M; Tang, WH; Wong, SC200296
A multi-period dynamic taxi service model with endogenous service intensityYang, H; Ye, M; Tang, WH; Wong, SC2002102
Enhanced film quality of Y-Ba-Cu-O by using Eu-Cu-O buffer layer on Sr-Ti-O substratesTang, WH; Gao, J2001608
High-Tc ramp-type Josephson junctions with a continually graded Y1–xPrxBa2Cu3Oy barrierGao, J; Sun, JL; So, SM; Tang, WH; Li, TK2001860
Preparation of continually graded barriers of YPrBaCuO for HTS Josephson junctionsGao, J; Sun, JL; Tang, WH2001639
Excellent buffer layer for growing high-quality Y-Ba-Cu-O thin filmsTang, WH; Gao, J; Liu, CX; Mai, ZH2001598
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