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Comprehensive comparison of copy number variations detection using Illumina Omni 2.5M and Affymetrix CytoScan® arraysTang, C; Wong, E; Gui, H; Cherny, S; Sham, P; Tam, P; Garcia-Barcelo, M201352
澳門黑沙玉石作坊Tang, C; Cheng, PWM201375
Constructing a physiological equivalent of the Cantonese vowel quadrilateral using electromagnetic articulography (EMA)Tang, C; Ng, ML; Chen, T; Yan, N201259
A combination of biocompatible peritoneal dialysis solutions and residual renal function, peritoneal transport, and inflammation markers: a randomized clinical trialLui, SL; Yung, S; Yim, A; Wong, KM; Tong, KL; Wong, KS; Li, CS; Au, TC; Lo, WK; Ho, YW; Ng, F; Tang, C; Chan, TM2012137
A kinematic study of Cantonese vowel quadrilateral using electromagnetic articulography (EMA)Ng, ML; Chen, Y; Tang, C2011122
Processing Constrained K-Closest Pairs Queries in Crime DatabasesQiao, S; Tang, C; Jin, H; Dai, S; Chen, X; Chau, M; Hu, J2010140
PutMode: Prediction of uncertain trajectories in moving objects databasesQiao, S; Tang, C; Jin, H; Long, T; Dai, S; Ku, Y; Chau, M2010140
Fine mapping of the NRG1 Hirschsprung's-associated geneGarcia-Barcelo, MM; Tang, C; Tang, WK; So, MT; Sham, PC; Cherny, SS; Tam, PH2010105
Personality vulnerabilities and their implications for Chinese women's adjustment to recent miscarriageYan, ECW; Tang, C201061
Management of hepatitis B reactivation in patients with lupus nephritisTse, KC; Yung, S; Tang, C; Yip, TPS; Chan, TM200990
Compulsive buying behaviors among Chinese college students in Hong Kong and MacauYan, ECW; Wu, AMS; Tang, C2009242
The Prevalence and Correlates of the Use of Restraint and Force in Older Hospital Patients: A Study of Nurses and Nursing Assistants in Hong Kong.Yan, ECW; Kwok, T; Lee, DTF; Tang, C2009164
A rising trend of gastric cardia cancer in Gansu Province of ChinaZhou, Y; Zhang, Z; Zhang, Z; Wu, J; Ren, D; Yan, X; Wang, Q; Wang, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, J; Zhu, X; Yang, Y; Luo, C; Guo, X; Tang, C; Qiao, L2008157
Adsorption Behavior of Perfluorinated Compounds on Thin-film Composite MembranesKwon, YN; Shih, K; Tang, C; Leckie, JO2008111
Posttraumatic stress symptoms in childbirth and reproductive loss among Chinese Women.Tang, C; Yan, ECW200872
Temperature and pH effects on biophysical and morphological properties of self-assembling peptide RADA 16-1Ye, Z; Zhang, H; Luo, H; Wang, S; Zhou, Q; Du, X; Tang, C; Chen, L; Liu, J; Shi, YK; Zhang, EY; EllisBehnke, R; Zhao, X2008151
Elder Abuse in Chinese Societies: Current Knowledge and Future Directions.Yan, ECW; Tang, C2008107
Factors related to suicide ideation subsequent to a recent reproductive loss: A study on Chinese women.Yan, ECW; Tang, C2008122
A typology of Chinese women who experienced recent miscarriage: An examination of the implication of pregnancy, personality and cultural factors.Yan, ECW; Tang, C2008104
Psychosocial correlates of women’s report of post traumatic stress symptoms following recent reproductive loss.Yan, ECW; Tang, C2008103
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