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The potential role of nitric oxide synthase in survival and regeneration of magnocellular neurons of hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal systemYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Lin, Z; Wu, W2009219
A subpopulation of reactive astrocytes at affected neuronal perikarya after hypophysectomy in adult ratsYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Wu, W200773
Differential activation of c-fos immunoreactivity after hypophysectomy in developing and adult ratsYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Wu, W200783
The response of magnocellular neurons of the hypothalamo-neurohyphyseal system to hypophysectomy, nitric oxide synthase expression as well as survival and regeneration in developing vs. adult ratsYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Wu, W200654
Developmental changes of nitric oxide synthase expression in the rat hypothalamoneurohypophyseal systemYuan, Q; Scott, DE; So, KF; Wu, W2006113
Neural regeneration and neuronal migration following injury. I. The endocrine hypothalamus and neurohypophyseal systemScott, DE; Wu, W; Slusser, J; Depto, A; Hansen, S199580
Increased expression of nitric oxide synthase in hypothalamic neuronal regenerationWu, W; Scott, DE199349
Transplantation of the mammalian pineal gland: Studies of survival, revascularization, reinnervation, and recovery of functionWu, W; Scott, DE; Reiter, RJ199396
No difference in day-night serum melatonin concentration after pineal grafting into the third cerebral ventricle of pinealectomized ratsWu, W; Scott, DE; Reiter, RJ199159
Transplantation of the pineal gland in the mammalian third cerebral ventricleWu, W; Scott, DE; Miller, E199074
Correlative scanning-immunoelectromicroscopic analysis of neuropeptide localization and neuronal plasticity in the endocrine hypothalamusWu, W; Scott, DE; Gilman, AM198952
Neural transplantation in the cerebral ventricular systemScott, DE; Wu, W; Gilman, A198834
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