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The effect of periodontal therapy on the survival rate and incidence of complications of multirooted teeth with furcation involvement after an observation period of at least 5 years: A systematic reviewHuynhBa, G; Kuonen, P; Hofer, D; Schmid, J; Lang, NP; Salvi, GE2009197
Effect of bioresorbable fibres (Polyfibre®) and a bioresorbable foam (Polyfoam®) on new bone formation: A short term experimental study on the rabbit skullWallkamm, B; Schmid, J; Hämmerle, CHF; Gogolewski, S; Lang, NP200389
Temporal and local appearance of alkaline phosphatase activity in early stages of guided bone regeneration: A descriptive histochemical study in humansStucki, U; Schmid, J; Hämmerle, CF; Lang, NP200155
Blood-filled spaces with and without filler materials in guided bone regeneration: A comparative experimental study in the rabbit using bioresorbable membranesSchmid, J; Hämmerle, CHF; Flückiger, L; Winkler, JR; Olah, AJ; Gogolewski, S; Lang, NP199751
The significance of angiogenesis in guided bone regeneration: A case report of a rabbit experimentSchmid, J; Wallkamm, B; Hämmerle, CHF; Gogolewski, S; Lang, NP199759
A novel model system for the study of experimental guided bone formation in humansHämmerle, CHF; Schmid, J; Olah, AJ; Lang, NP199678
Temporal dynamics of healing in rabbit cranial defects using guided bone regenerationHammerle, CHF; Schmid, J; Lang, NP; Olah, AJ199549
Membrane permeability is unnecessary for guided generation of new bone. An experimental study in the rabbit.Schmid, J; Hämmerle, CH; Olah, AJ; Lang, NP199459
Osseous healing of experimentally created defects in the calvaria of rabbits using guided bone regeneration. A pilot study.Hämmerle, CH; Schmid, J; Olah, AJ; Lang, NP199256
Plasminogen activator in human gingival tissue adjacent to dental implants.Schmid, B; Spicher, I; Schmid, J; Lang, NP199243
Supraplant, a novel implant system based on the principle of guided bone generation. A preliminary study in the rabbit.Schmid, J; Hämmerle, CH; Stich, H; Lang, NP199150
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