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On the contribution of mean flow and turbulence to city breathability: the case of long streets with tall buildingsHang, J; Li, Y; Buccolieri, R; Sandberg, M; Di Sabatino, S2012158
The influence of building height variability on pollutant dispersion and pedestrian ventilation in idealized high-rise urban areasHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M; Buccolieri, R; Disabatino, S2012180
Displacement ventilation in hospital environmentsLi, Y; Nielsen, PV; Sandberg, M2011169
Experimental and numerical studies of flows through and within high-rise building arrays and their link to ventilation strategyHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M2011455
Flow mechanisms and flow capacity in idealized long-street city modelsHang, J; Sandberg, M; Li, Y; Claesson, L2010519
Wind conditions and ventilation in high-rise long street modelsHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M; Claesson, L2010576
Ventilation of building clusters - Macroscopic simulation using a porous turbulence modelHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M2009180
Effect of urban morphology on wind condition in idealized city modelsHang, J; Sandberg, M; Li, Y2009178
Age of air and air exchange efficiency in idealized city modelsHang, J; Sandberg, M; Li, Y20091,155
Pollutant dispersion in idealized city models with different urban morphologiesHang, J; Sandberg, M; Li, Y; Claesson, L2009511
Understanding air exchange and pollutant dispersion in a very long street with a RNG k-ε modelHang, J; Li, Y; Sandberg, M2006115
Robustness of air distribution in plenum-based ductless ventilation systemsLi, Y; Sandberg, M; Hui, SCM2004105
Some examples of solution multiplicity in natural ventilationLi, Y; Delsante, A; Chen, Z; Sandberg, M; Andersen, A; Bjerre, M; Heiselberg, P2001161
Short-circuiting of ventilation air - a factor to be considered in the design of ventilation systemsSandberg, M; Chan, C; Li, Y200191
Effects of thermal radiation on airflow with displacement ventilation: an experimental investigationLi, Y; Sandberg, M; Fuchs, L199372
Numerical prediction of airflow and heat-radiation interaction in a room with displacement ventilationLi, Y; Fuchs, L; Sandberg, M199376
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