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Feasibility of implementing a universal neonatal hearing screening programme using distortion product otoacoustic emission detection at a university hospital in Hong KongNg, PK; Hui, Y; Lam, BCC; Goh, WHS; Yeung, CY2004285
Light-Emitting Devices Based on Ruthenium (II) Bipyridine Complexes Coupled with Cadmium Sulfide NanoparticlesGong, X; Ng, PK; Chan, WK200262
The role of ruthenium and rhenium diimine complexes in conjugated polymers that exhibit interesting opto-electronic propertiesNg, PK; Gong, X; Chan, SH; Lam, LSM; Chan, WK2001124
Photosensitivity and light emitting properties of some ruthenium cntaining poly(phenylene vinylene) with enhanced electron drift mobilityNg, PK; Gong, X; Chan, WK200090
Synthesis, photoluminescent and electroluminescent behaviour of four- coordinate tetrahedral gold(I) complexes. X-ray crystal structure of [Au(dppn)2]ClYam, VWW; Chan, CL; Choi, SWK; Wong, KMC; Cheng, ECC; Yu, SC; Ng, PK; Chan, WK; Cheung, KK200081
Electronic properties of conjugated polymers with rhenium or ruthenium dipyridophenazine complexesNg, PK; Chan, WK199961
Synthesis and electronic properties of conjugated polymers based on rhenium or ruthenium dipyridophenazine complexesChan, WK; Ng, PK; Gong, X; Hou, S1999128
Design and synthesis of light emitting conjugated polymers functionalized with transition metal complexesNg, PK; Wang, CT; Hou, S; Chan, WK1999114
Trifunctional light emitting molecules based on rhenium and ruthenium bipyridine complexesNg, PK; Chan, WK199982
Development of metal-containing polymers for optoelectronic applicationsChan, WK; Hou, S; Ng, PK; Wong, CT; Yu, SC1999544
Light-emitting multifunctional rhenium (I) and ruthenium (II) 2,2′-bipyridyl complexes with bipolar characterChan, WK; Ng, PK; Gong, X; Hou, S199976
Quinoxaline-based conjugated polymers containing ruthenium (II) bipyridine metal complexNg, PK; Gong, X; Chan, WK1998107
Trifunctional light-emitting molecules based on rhenium and ruthenium bipyridine complexesGong, X; Ng, PK; Chan, WK1998137
Synthesis and photophysical properties of some conjugated polymers functionalized with ruthenium polypyridine complexesNg, PK; Ng, WY; Gong, X; Chan, WK1998336
Femtosecond photodissociation dynamics of 1,1,1-trifluoro-2-iodoethane in the Franck-Condon regionKwok, WM; Ng, PK; He, GZ; Phillips, DL1997124
Quinoxaline-based conjugated polymers containing ruthenium(II) bipyridine metal complexNg, PK; Gong, X; Wong, WT; Chan, WK1997129
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