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Associations between orthodontic treatment need and oral health-related quality of life among young adults: Does it depend on how you assess them?Liu, Z; Mcgrath, C; Hägg, U2011118
The impact of malocclusion/orthodontic treatment need on the quality of life a systematic reviewLiu, Z; Mcgrath, C; Hagg, U200967
Impact of malocclusion and its treatment on the quality of life | Die auswirkungen von dysgnathien und ihrer behandlung auf die lebensqualitätZhang, M; Mcgrath, C; Hägg, U200880
Patient-centred measures in dental practice: 3. Patient satisfaction.Newsome, PR; Mcgrath, C200763
The sensitivity and responsiveness of an oral health related quality of life measure to tooth whiteningMcgrath, C; Wong, AHH; Lo, ECM; Cheung, CS200573
Dental complaints procedures [3] (multiple letters)Law, B; Bedi, R; Mcgrath, C200548
How aesthetically objectionable is fluorosis?Mcgrath, C200444
Measuring the impact of oral health on life quality in two national surveys-functionalist versus hermeneutic approachesMcgrath, C; Bedi, R200272
An evaluation of a new measure of oral health related quality of life - OHQoL-UK(W)Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R2001137
Factors associated with dental anxiety among older people in Britain.Bedi, R; Mcgrath, C200060
A review of the influences of oral health on the quality of lifeMcgrath, C; Bedi, R1999131
The importance of oral health to older people's quality of life.Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R199954
The value and use of 'quality of life' measures in the primary dental care setting.Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R199990
Factors influencing older people's self reported use of dental services in the UK.Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R; Dhawan, N199957
Who uses independent dental services? Findings from a national survey.Mcgrath, C; Moles, D; Bedi, R199954
A study of the impact of oral health on the quality of life of older people in the UK--findings from a national survey.Mcgrath, C; Bedi, R199858
Compounding inequalities in the oral health of older women living outside Dublin.Mcgrath, C; Gilhorpe, MS; Bedi, R199861
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