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Thermotropic liquid crystals based on 1,8,9,16-tetrasubstituted tetraphenylenes and their structure-property relationship studiesHau, CK; Chui, SSY; Lu, W; Che, CM; Cheng, PS; Mak, TCW; Miao, Q; Wong, HNC2011418
Linear heterotrinuclear complexes derived from an alkyl platinum(II) twelve-membered macrocycleSong, HB; Zhang, ZZ; Hui, Z; Che, CM; Mak, TCW2002131
Reactivity of chiral diiminodiphosphine ligands towards PdCl2(PHCN)2: synthesis and crystal structures of two unexpected dinuclear palladium(II) complexesWong, WK; Zhang, LL; Chen, Y; Wong, WY; Wong, WT; Xue, F; Mak, TCW2000199
Synthesis, structure, and bonding of d0/f(n) metallacarboranes incorporating the η7-carboranyl ligandChui, K; Yang, Q; Mak, TCW; Lam, WH; Lin, Z; Xie, Z200052
Synthesis and crystal structures of monomeric diamidonickel(II) complexesLee, HK; Yu, P; Kui, SCF; Zhang, ZY; Zhou, ZY; Mak, TCW200060
Synthesis, electrochemistry, and oxygen-atom transfer reactions of dioxotungsten(VI) and -molybdenum(VI) complexes with N2O2 and N2S2 tetradentate ligandsWong, YL; Ma, JF; Law, WF; Yan, Y; Wong, WT; Zhang, ZY; Mak, TCW; Ng, DKP1999119
Synthesis and crystal structures of cationic lanthanide(III) monoporphyrinate complexesWong, WK; Zhang, L; Wong, WT; Xue, F; Mak, TCW1999125
Saddle-shaped dioxo-ruthenium(VI) and -osmium(VI) 2,3,5,7,8,10,12,13,15,17,18,20-dodecaphenylporphyrin (H2dpp) complexes. Synthesis, spectral characterisation and alkene oxidation by [RuVI(dpp)O2]Liu, CJ; Yu, WY; Peng, SM; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1998180
Co-ordination chemistry of the organometallic tridentate ligand trans-[Ru(2-Ph2PC5H4N-P)2(CO)3] and crystal structures of metal complex derivativesChan, WH; Zhang, ZZ; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1998116
A two-co-ordinated gold(I) loop [Au(dpdo)]ClO4 [dpdo = 1,8-bis(diphenylphosphino)-3,6-dioxaoctane] as a luminescence light switch for substrate binding reactionsChan, WH; Mak, TCW; Che, CM199898
Gold(I) complex of 7-diphenylphosphino-2,4-dimethyl-1,8-naphthyridine (dpnapy) as a metalloligand for encapsulation of metal ions. Crystal structures of [AuCu(dpnapy)3][ClO4]2 and [AuCd(dpnapy)3][ClO4]3Chan, WH; Cheung, KK; Mak, TCW; Che, CM199886
A highly luminescent tetranuclear copper(I) cluster: Structure and photophysical propertiesChan, WH; Zhang, ZZ; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1998169
Reactivity of [M(CO)4(nbd)] (M = Cr or Mo;nbd = norbornadiene) toward (Ph2PN)C(Ph)[N(SiMe3)2] and C6H4{C[N(SiMe3)2]-(NPPh2)}2-1,4Wong, WK; Sun, CD; Jiang, T; Wong, WT; Xue, F; Mak, TCW1997109
Rhenium(VI) benzylidyne complexes, Re(≡C-2,4,6-C 6H 2Me 3)(PPh 3)(H 2O)X 3 (X = Cl and Br): Crystal structure and spectroscopic propertiesXue, WM; Chan, MCW; Mak, TCW; Che, CM199743
A novel luminescent iridium(I)-cadmium(II) binuclear complex displaying a long-lived metal-to-ligand charge-transfer excited state. Synthesis and structural characterisation of I(CO)2Ir(μ-Ph2Ppy)2CdI2 [Ph2Ppy = 2-(diphenylphosphino)pyridine]Kuang, SM; Xue, F; Zhang, ZZ; Xue, WM; Che, CM; Mak, TCW199773
Catalytic and asymmetric cyclopropanation of styrenes catalysed by ruthenium porphyrin and porphycene complexesLo, WC; Che, CM; Cheng, KF; Mak, TCW1997118
Structures and luminescent properties of polynuclear gold(I) halides containing bridging phosphine ligandsXiao, H; Weng, YX; Wong, WT; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1997169
Preparation of chiral diimino- and diaminodiphosphine ligands and their CuI and AgI complexes. X-ray crystal structures of [Cu(1S,2S-cyclohexyl-P2N2)][PF6] and [Ag(1R,2R-cyclohexyl-P2N2H4)][BF4]Wong, WK; Chik, TW; Hui, KN; Williams, I; Feng, X; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1996138
Photoluminescence, photoredox properties and crystal structures of rhenium(V)-benzylidyne complexes with phosphine ligandsXue, WM; Wang, Y; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1996136
Synthesis and X-ray crystal structures of [Ph2PMe2][(η5-C5H4But)2Li] and [(η5-C5H4But)2Yb(Cl)CH2P(Me)Ph2]Wong, WK; Zhang, L; Wong, WT; Xue, F; Mak, TCW1996100
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