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Stimulation of the dorsal portion of subthalamic nucleus may be a viable therapeutic approach in pharmacoresistant epilepsy: A virally mediated transsynaptic tracing study in transgenic mouse modelFeng, L; Liu, TT; Ye, DW; Qiu, Q; Xiang, HB; Cheung, CW201416
High and low: the resolution of representations in visual working memoryLiu, TT; Chen, Z; Hayward, WG201326
Eye movements for scrambled facesHayward, WG; Lao, J; Cheng, Z; Crookes, K; Liu, TT; Caldara, R201339
The optimal segment for spinal cord stimulation in intractable epilepsy: a virally mediated transsynaptic tracing study in spinally transected transgenic miceYe, DW; Ding, DF; Liu, TT; Tian, XB; Liu, C; Li, RC; Xiang, HB; Cheung, CW201319
The optimal viewing position in face recognitionHsiao, JH; Liu, TT201286
Intimate partners violence against Chinese pregnant women: a review of studies in mainland China and Hong KongChan, KL; Liu, TT; Tiwari, A; Leung, WC; Fong, D; Ho, PC2011450
Evaluation of the thyroid transcription factor-1 gene (TITF1) as a Hirschsprung's disease locusGarciaBarceló, MM; Lau, DKC; Ngan, ESW; Leon, TYY; Liu, TT; So, MT; Miao, XP; Lui, VCC; Wong, KKY; Ganster, RW; Cass, DT; Croaker, GDH; Tam, PKH2007138
Role of RET and PHOX2B gene polymorphisms in risk of Hirschsprung's disease in Chinese population [9]Miao, X; GarciaBarceló, MM; So, MT; Leon, TYY; Lau, DKC; Liu, TT; Chan, EKW; Lan, LCL; Wong, KKY; Lui, VCH; Tam, PKH2007250
Correlation between genetic variations in Hox clusters and Hirschsrpung's diseaseGarcia-Barcelo, MM; Miao, X; Lui, VCH; So, MT; Ngan, ESW; Leon, TY; Lau, DK; Liu, TT; Lao, X; Guo, W; Holden, WT; Moore, J; Tam, PKH200794
Frequency and distribution in East Asia of 12 mutations identified in the SLC25A13 gene of Japanese patients with citrin deficiencyLu, YB; Kobayashi, K; Ushikai, M; Tabata, A; Iijima, M; Li, MX; Lei, L; Kawabe, K; Taura, S; Yang, Y; Liu, TT; Chiang, SH; Hsiao, KJ; Lau, YL; Tsui, LC; Lee, DH; Saheki, T2005803
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