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Resveratrol Inhibits the TRIF-Dependent Pathway by Upregulating Sterile Alpha and Armadillo Motif Protein, Contributing to Anti-Inflammatory Effects after Respiratory Syncytial Virus InfectionLiu, T; Zang, N; Zhou, N; Li, W; Xie, X; Deng, Y; Ren, L; Long, X; Li, S; Zhou, L; Zhao, X; Tu, W; Wang, L; Tan, B; Liu, E201430
Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in VKORC1 Are Risk Factors for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in AsiansKaiser, R; Kaiser, R; Taylor, KE; Deng, Y; Zhao, J; Li, Y; Nititham, J; Chang, M; Catanese, J; Begovich, AB; Brown, EE; Edberg, JC; McGwin, G; Alarcon, GS; Ramsey-Goldman, R; Reveille, JD; Vila, LM; Petri, M; Kimberly, RP; Feng, X; Sun, L; Shen, N; Li, W; Lu, JX; Wakeland, EK; Li, QZ; Yang, W; Lau, YL; Liu, FL; Chang, DM; Yu, CY; Song, YW; Tsao, BP; Criswell, LA201347
Tumor-derived autophagosomes (DRibbles) induce B cell activation in a TLR2-MyD88 dependent mannerLi, W; Zhou, M; Ren, H; Hu, HM; Lu, L; Cao, M; Wang, LX201333
Characterization of forward osmosis membranes by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGao, Y; Li, W; Lay, WCL; Coster, HGL; Fane, AG; Tang, CY201363
HIVID: An efficient method to detect HBV integration using low coverage sequencingLi, W; Zeng, X; Lee, NPY; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST201341
Bis(12)-hupyridone, a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, protects against glutamate-induced neuronal excitotoxicity via activating α7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor/phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt cascadeCui, W; Hu, S; Chan, HH; Luo, J; Li, W; Mak, S; Choi, TC; Rong, J; Carlier, PR; Han, YF201345
Implementation of a competency-based global faculty education programChan, LK; Uhlmann, M; Li, W201322
The anti-cancer agent SU4312 unexpectedly protects against MPP(+) -induced neurotoxicity via selective and direct inhibition of neuronal NOSCui, W; Zhang, Z; Li, W; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Han, R; Yuan, S; Li, S; Sa, F; Xu, D; Lin, Z; Zuo, Z; Rong, J; Ma, ED; Choi, TC; Lee, SM; Han, Y201355
A novel hybrid process of reverse electrodialysis and reverse osmosis for low energy seawater desalination and brine managementLi, W; Krantz, WB; Cornelissen, ER; Post, JW; Verliefde, ARD; Tang, CY201338
Analysis of tooth-tip flux leakage in surface-mounted permanent magnet linear vernier machinesLi, W; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Gao, S; Wu, D201323
FIPSDock: A New Molecular Docking Technique Driven by Fully Informed Swarm Optimization AlgorithmLiu, Y; Zhao, L; Li, W; Zhao, D; Song, M; Yang, Y201347
On Perturbation Bounds for the Joint Stationary Distribution of Multivariate Markov Chain ModelsLi, W; Jiang, L; Ching, WK; Cui, L201347
Changing Governance Structures and the Evolution of Public Service Bargains in Hong KongBurns, JP; Li, W; Peters, BG201328
A modeling investigation on optimizing the design of forward osmosis hollow fiber modulesXiao, D; Li, W; Chou, S; Wang, R; Tang, CY201247
Microbial community characteristics of petroleum reservoir production water amended with n-alkanes and incubated under nitrate-, sulfate-reducing and methanogenic conditionsLi, W; Wang, LY; Duan, RY; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2012107
Methanogenic Microbial Community Composition of Oily Sludge and Its Enrichment Amended with Alkanes Incubated for Over 500 DaysWang, LY; Li, W; Mbadinga, SM; Liu, JF; Gu, JD; Mu, BZ2012109
China Organ Procurement and Transplantation SurveillanceLi, W; Jiang, WS; Zhou, ZY; Wang, HB; Fan, ST2012137
Influence of the chloro substituent position on the triplet reactivity of benzophenone derivatives: A time-resolved resonance Raman and density functional theory studyLi, W; Xue, J; Cheng, SC; Du, Y; Phillips, DL2012138
Hydrogen-rich saline prevents neointima formation after carotid balloon injury by suppressing ROS and the TNF-α/NF-κB pathwayQin, ZX; Yu, P; Qian, DH; Song, MB; Tan, H; Yu, Y; Li, W; Wang, H; Liu, J; Wang, Q; Sun, XJ; Jiang, H; Zhu, JK; Lu, W; Huang, L2012130
Development of dual-memory motor drives for electric vehiclesLi, W; Chau, KT; Li, F; Liu, C201292
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