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Left ventricular mechanics in repaired tetralogy of Fallot with and without pulmonary valve replacement: analysis by three-dimensional speckle tracking echocardiographyLi, SN; Yu, W; Lai, CTM; Wong, SJ; Cheung, YF201314
Transmural strain and rotation gradient in survivors of childhood cancersYu, W; Li, SN; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY; Wong, SJ; Cheung, YF201293
A new noncontact method for the prediction of both internal thermal resistance and junction temperature of white light-emitting diodesTao, X; Chen, H; Li, SN; Hui, SYR2012107
Novel self-configurable current-mirror techniques for reducing current imbalance in parallel Light-Emitting Diode (LED) stringsLi, SN; Zhong, WX; Chen, W; Hui, SYR2012159
Dynamic dyssynchrony and impaired contractile reserve of the left ventricle in beta-thalassaemia major: an exercise echocardiographic studyCheung, YF; Yu, W; Li, SN; Lam, WWM; Ho, YC; Wong, SJ; Chan, GCF; Ha, SY201289
Left ventricular twisting and untwisting motion in childhood cancer survivorsCheung, YF; Li, SN; Chan, GCF; Wong, SJ; Ha, SY2011452
Novel area strain based on three-dimensional wall motion analysis for assessment of global left ventricular performance after repair of tetralogy of FallotLi, SN; Wong, SJ; Cheung, YF201164
A comparative study on the circuit topologies for offline passive light-Emitting diode (LED) drivers with long lifetime & high efficiencyChen, W; Li, SN; Hui, SYR201076
A novel passive off-line light-emitting diode (LED) driver with long lifetimeHui, SYR; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM201098
A novel passive offline LED driver with long lifetimeRon Hui, SY; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM2010152
Left ventricular eccentricity impairs three-dimensional systolic radial strain and torsion in patients after repair of tetralogy of fallot: a three-dimensional speckle tracking analysisLi, SN; Wong, SJ; Cheung, YF2010152
Estimation of internal junction temperature & thermal resistance of light-emitting diodes using external luminous flux measurementsTao, XH; Li, SN; Hui, SYR2010153
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