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Modification of N-terminal α-amino groups of peptides and proteins using ketenesChan, AOY; Ho, CM; Chong, HC; Leung, YC; Huang, JS; Wong, MK; Che, CM2012117
Gold-mediated bifunctional modification of oligosaccharides via a three-component coupling reactionKung, KKY; Li, GL; Zou, L; Chong, HC; Leung, YC; Wong, KH; Lo, VKY; Che, CM; Wong, MK2012111
Engineered Amp C β-lactamase as a fluorescent screening tool for class C β-lactamase inhibitorsTsang, MW; Chan, PH; So, PK; Ma, DL; Tsang, CW; Wong, KY; Leung, YC201174
Molecular interaction of flagellar export chaperone FliS and cochaperone HP1076 in Helicobacter pyloriLam, WWL; Woo, EJ; Kotaka, M; Tam, WK; Leung, YC; Ling, TKW; Au, SWN2010237
Carbon audit toolkit for small & medium enterprises in Hong KongLeung, MKH; Leung, YC; Chan, AHS201099
A highly selective FRET-based fluorescent probe for detection of cysteine and homocysteineShiu, HY; Chong, HC; Leung, YC; Wong, MK; Che, CM2010287
Recombinant human arginase inhibits proliferation of human hepatocellular carcinoma by inducing cell cycle arrestLam, TL; Wong, GKY; Chong, HC; Cheng, PNM; Choi, SC; Chow, TL; Kwok, SY; Poon, RTP; Wheatley, DN; Lo, WH; Leung, YC2009161
A highly selective luminescent switch-on probe for histidine/histidine-rich proteins and its application in protein stainingMa, DL; Wong, WL; Chung, WH; Chan, FY; So, PK; Lai, TS; Zhou, ZY; Leung, YC; Wong, KY200893
Fluorophore-labeled β-lactamase as a biosensor for β-lactam antibiotics: A study of the biosensing processChan, PH; So, PK; Ma, DL; Zhao, Y; Lai, TS; Chung, WH; Chan, KC; Yiu, KF; Chan, HW; Siu, FM; Tsang, CW; Leung, YC; Wong, KY2008142
Discovery of a drug-like G-quadruplex binding ligand by high-throughput dockingMa, DL; Lai, TS; Chan, FY; Chung, WH; Abagyan, R; Leung, YC; Wong, KY2008113
Efficacy of tegasered for functiona constipation in Chinese subjects: A randomized double blind contolled trial in a single center. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayChan, AOO; Hui, WM; Leung, YC; Hu, HC; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY200771
Familial constipationis associated with a2 adrenoceptor polymorphism. Digestive Diseases Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayChan, AOO; Huang, CY; Leung, YC; Hui, WM; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY200798
Decreased cortical activation during rectal distention in patients with functional constipation with normal rectal compliance. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, May 19-24Chan, AOO; Hui, WM; Wong, YH; Leung, YC; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY200782
Better efficacy of tegaserod in constipated patients with slow colonic transit, absent pelvic floor dyssynergy and absent impaired rectal sensation. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayChan, AOO; Hui, WM; Leung, YC; Wong, YH; Chan, P; Hung, IFH; Hsu, A; But, D; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY2007106
Biofeedback is equally effective in patients with short or long duration of function constipation. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayChan, AOO; Chow, R; Hui, WM; Leung, YC; Tong, SM; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY200787
A dual protein expression system in Bacillus subtilisChan, AY; Chan, MM; Lo, HM; Leung, YC; Lim, BL2002305
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