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Patient safety culture among medical students in Singapore and Hong KongLeung, GKK; Ang, SBL; Lau, TC; Neo, HK; Patil, NG; Ti, LK201353
A Robust Palladium(II)–Porphyrin Complex as Catalyst for Visible Light Induced Oxidative C-H FunctionalizationTo, WP; Liu, Y; Lau, TC; Che, CM2013100
Patient safety culture among medical students in Singapore and Hong KongLeung, GKK; Ang, SBL; Lau, TC; Neo, HJ; Patil, NG; Ti, LK201326
Osmium(VI) nitrido complexes bearing azole heterocycles: a new class of antitumor agentsNi, WX; Man, WL; Yiu, SM; Ho, M; Cheung, MTW; Ko, CC; Che, CM; Lam, YW; Lau, TC2012142
Innovative 'Artificial Mussels' technology for assessing spatial and temporal distribution of metals in Goulburn-Murray catchments waterways, Victoria, Australia: Effects of climate variability (dry vs. wet years)Kibria, G; Lau, TC; Wu, R201266
A close look at the temperature-dependent chemical toxicity to aquatic organisms and its implication on derivation of water quality guidelines for protecting aquatic lifeLeung, MY; Wong, WY; Li, J; Lau, TC201290
Osmium(vi) complexes as a new class of potential anti-cancer agentsNi, WX; Man, WL; Cheung, MTW; Sun, RWY; Shu, YL; Lam, YW; Che, CM; Lau, TC2011554
Comparison of metal accumulation between 'Artificial Mussel' and natural mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) in marine environmentsGonzalezRey, M; Lau, TC; Gomes, T; Maria, VL; Bebianno, MJ; Wu, R201150
Binuclear (salen)osmium phosphinidine and phosphiniminato complexesChen, G; Man, WL; Yiu, SM; Wong, TW; Szeto, L; Wong, WT; Lau, TC2011359
Formation of μ-dinitrogen (salen)osmium complexes via ligand-induced N⋯N coupling of (salen)osmium(vi) nitridesMan, WL; Chen, G; Yiu, SM; Shek, L; Wong, WY; Wong, WT; Lau, TC20101,103
Reaction of a (salen)ruthenium(VI) nitrido complex with thiols. C-H bond activation by (salen)ruthenium(IV) sulfilamido speciesMan, WL; Lam, WWY; Kwong, HK; Peng, SM; Wong, WT; Lau, TC2010545
One-dimensional ferromagnetically coupled bimetallic chains constructed with trans-[Ru(acac)2(CN)2]-: Syntheses, structures, magnetic properties, and density functional theoretical studyGuo, JF; Wang, XT; Wang, BW; Xu, GC; Gao, S; Szeto, L; Wong, WT; Wong, WY; Lau, TC2010912
Trans-[OsIII(salen)(CN)2]-: A new paramagnetic building block for the construction of molecule-based magnetic materialsGuo, JF; Yeung, WF; Lau, PH; Wang, XT; Gao, S; Wong, WT; Chui, SSY; Che, CM; Wong, WY; Lau, TC2010667
New tricyanoiron(III) building blocks for the construction of molecule-based magnetsMan, WL; Xiang, J; Lau, PH; Gao, S; Wong, WT; Lau, TC2010595
Dual anti-angiogenic and cytotoxic properties of ruthenium(III) complexes containing pyrazolato and/or pyrazole ligandsSun, RWY; Ng, MFY; Wong, ELM; Zhang, J; Chui, SSY; Shek, L; Lau, TC; Che, CM2009215
Oral health promotion for South Asian childrenLo, ECM; Lui, KC; Ho, BCM; Hon, CC; Ku, JKT; Lau, TC; Ling, NWS; Shao, SWJ; Tang, VCW; Tang, KY; Tsang, CY2009119
Reaction of a (Salen)ruthenium(VI) nitrido complex with isocyanideKwong, HK; Man, WL; Xiang, J; Wong, WT; Lau, TC2009384
Synthesis and reactivity of osmium (VI) nitrido complexes containing pyridine-carboxylato ligandsLeung, CF; Yiu, DTY; Wong, WT; Peng, SM; Lau, TC2009535
8-Quinolinolato complexes of ruthenium(II) and (III)Leung, CF; Wong, CY; Ko, CC; Yuen, MC; Wong, WT; Wong, WY; Lau, TC2009489
General Synthesis of (Salen) Ruthenium(III) Complexes via N ... N Coupling of (Salen)ruthenium(VI) NitridesMan, WL; Kwong, HK; Lam, WWY; Xiang, J; Wong, TW; Lam, WH; Wong, WT; Peng, SM; Lau, TC2008426
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