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Planning and implementation of community oral health programs for caries management in childrenChu, CH; Chau, AMH; Lo, ECM; Lam, A201281
Caries management with fluoride agentsLam, A; Chu, CH201274
Dentin hypersensitivity and its managementChu, CH; Lam, A; Lo, ECM2011358
Caries management with fluoride varnish of children in U.S.Lam, A; Chu, CH201178
Patient morbidity and management patterns of community-based primary health care services in Hong KongLo, YYC; Lam, CLK; Mercer, SW; Fong, DYT; Lee, A; Lam, TP; Lee, RSY; Chiu, BCF; Tang, JSF; Chui, BSH; Chao, DVK; Lam, A; Chan, KKC2011159
Oral health of children in rural areas of MyanmarLam, A; Chu, CH201158
Hong Kong primary care morbidity survey 2007-2008Lo, YYC; Lam, CLK; Lam, TP; Lee, A; Lee, R; Chiu, B; Tang, J; Chui, B; Chao, D; Lam, A; Chan, K2010186
High dosage of Exendin-4 increased early insulin secretion in differentiated beta cells from mouse embryonic stem cellsLi, H; Lam, A; Xu, AM; Sl Lam, K; Kim Chung, S2010231
Oral health of children in rural area of the PhilippinesLam, A; Chu, CH2010194
Deleted in liver cancer 2 (DLC2) was dispensable for development and its deficiency did not aggravate hepatocarcinogenesisYau, TO; Leung, THY; Lam, S; Cheung, OF; Tung, EKK; Khong, PL; Lam, A; Chung, S; Ng, IOL2009386
Family mediation in Hong KongLam, A; Ng, SM200683
Business Data Warehouse: The Case of Wal-MartBose, I; Lam, A; Leung, V; Li, I; Wong, H2006184
Chromosomal Aberrations in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma among Chinese: Gain of 12p Predicts Poor Prognosis after SurgeryKwong, D; Lam, A; Guan, X; Law, S; Tai, A; Wong, J; Sham, J2004137
High prevalence of cyclooxgenase 2 expression in papillary thyroid carcinoma (Abstract)Lam, A; Lo, CY; Leung, P; Luk, JMC200487
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