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Special modulator for high frequency, low-voltage plasma immersion ion implantationTian, X; Wang, X; Tang, B; Chu, PK; Ko, PK; Cheng, YC1999426
A novel distributed system for plasma immersion ion implanter control and automationLiu, AG; Wang, XF; Tang, BY; Chu, PK; Ko, PK; Cheng, YC1998504
Principles and characteristics of a new generation plasma immersion ion implanterChu, PK; Tang, BY; Cheng, YC; Ko, PK1997462
Off-state leakage currents in n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors with 10-nm thermally nitrided and reoxidized nitrided oxides as the gate dielectricFleischer, S; Liu, ZH; Lai, PT; Ko, PK; Cheng, YC199185
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