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Using handhelds to support students' outdoor educational activitiesChurchill, D; Kennedy, D; Flint, D; Cotton, N2010136
MediaWiki and Google Docs as online collaboration tools for group project co-constructionChu, SKW; Kennedy, D; Mak, YK2009379
Support students’ outdoor educational activities with handheld technologyChurchill, D; Kennedy, D200889
A spectral Lanczos decomposition method for solving axisymmetric low-frequency electromagnetic diffusion by the finite-element methodZunoubi, M; Jin, JM; Chew, WC; Kennedy, D199730
Molecular genetics of cystic fibrosisTsui, LC; Rommens, J; Kerem, B; Rozmahel, R; Zielenski, J; Kennedy, D; Markiewicz, D; Plavsic, N; Chou, JL; Bozon, D; Dobbs, M1991150
cAMP-inducible chloride conductance in mouse fibroblast lines stably expressing the human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulatorRommens, JM; Dho, S; Bear, CE; Kartner, N; Kennedy, D; Riordan, JR; Tsui, LC; Foskett, JK1991282
Identification of mutations in regions corresponding to the two putative nucleotide (ATP)-binding folds of the cystic fibrosis geneKerem, B; Zielenski, J; Markiewicz, D; Bozon, D; Gazit, E; Yahav, J; Kennedy, D; Riordan, JR; Collins, FS; Rommens, JM; Tsui, LC1990319
Identification of the cystic fibrosis gene: Chromosome walking and jumpingRommens, JM; Iannuzzi, MC; Kerem, BS; Drumm, ML; Melmer, G; Dean, M; Rozmahel, R; Cole, JL; Kennedy, D; Hidaka, N; Zsiga, M; Buchwald, M; Riordan, JR; Tsui, LC; Collins, FS1989464
Identification and regional localization of DNA markers on chromosome 7 for the cloning of the cystic fibrosis geneRommens, JM; Zengerling, S; Burns, J; Melmer, G; Kerem, B; Plavsic, N; Zsiga, M; Kennedy, D; Markiewicz, D; Rozmahel, R; Riordan, JR; Buchwald, M; Tsui, L1988287
Molecular approaches to the cystic fibrosis gene.Tsui, LC; Plavsic, N; Markiewicz, D; Zsiga, M; Kennedy, D; Zengerling, S; Geller, C; Hajjar, Z; Kuper, S; Panak, H198761
Linkage of cystic fibrosis to the proα2(I) collagen gene, COL1A2, on chromosome 7Buchwald, M; Zsiga, M; Markiewicz, D; Plavsic, N; Kennedy, D; Zengerling, S; Willard, HF; Tsipouras, P; Schmiegelow, K; Schwartz, M; Eiberg, H; Mohr, J; Barker, D; Donis-Keller, H; Tsui, LC1986315
Cystic fibrosis: Progress in mapping the disease locus using polymorphic DNA markers. I.Tsui, LC; Zsiga, M; Kennedy, D1985249
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