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Expression of type X collagen and capillary endothelium in condylar cartilage during osteogenic transition - A comparison between adaptive remodelling and natural growthShen, G; Zhao, Z; Kaluarachchi, K; Bakr Rabie, A200691
Forward deviation of the mandibular condyle enhances endochondral ossification of condylar cartilage indicated by increased expression of type X collagenShen, G; Rabie, AB; Zhao, ZH; Kaluarachchi, K200678
Identification of temporal pattern of mandibular condylar growth: a molecular and biochemical experiment.Shen, G; Hägg, U; Rabie, AB; Kaluarachchi, K200563
Erratum: "An externally fixed femoral fracture model for mice" (Journal of Orthopaedic Research (2003) vol. 21)Cheung, KMC; Kaluarachchi, K; Andrew, G; Lu, W; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE200344
Impact of mutations of cartilage matrix genes on matrix structure, gene activity and chondrogenesisSo, CL; Kaluarachchi, K; Tam, PPL; Cheah, KSE200187
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