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Induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress by sonoporation: linkage to mitochondria-mediated apoptosis initiationZHONG, W; CHEN, X; Jiang, P; Wan, JMF; Qin, P; Yu, ACH201330
Generation and characterization of spiking and nonspiking oligodendroglial progenitor cells from embryonic stem cellsJiang, P; Salvaraj, V; Liu, W; Feldman, DK; Liu, Y; Pleasure, D; Li, RA; Deng, W201327
Premature Delivery Reduces Intestinal Cytoskeleton, Metabolism, And Stress Response Proteins In Newborn Formula-fed PigsJiang, P; Wan, JMF; Cilieborg, MS; Sit, WH; Sangild, PT201323
Intestinal Proteome Changes During Infant Necrotizing Enterocolitis.Jiang, P; Smith, B; Qvist, N; Nielsen, C; Wan, JMF; Sit, WH; Jensen, TK; WANG, H; Sangild, PT201330
Sonoporation-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress: signaling pathway analysisZHONG, W; CHEN, X; Jiang, P; Wan, JMF; Qin, P; Yu, ACH201320
Task-driven e-manufacturing resource configurable modelZhang, Y; Jiang, P; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Hong, J2012253
Antibiotics Increase Gut Metabolism and Antioxidant Proteins and Decrease Acute Phase Response and Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm NeonatesJiang, P; Jensen, ML; Cilieborg, MS; Thymann, T; Wan, JMF; Sit, WH; Tipoe, GL; Sangild, PT201282
RFID-enabled real-time manufacturing information tracking infrastructure for extended enterprisesZhang, Y; Jiang, P; Huang, G; Qu, T; Zhou, G; Hong, J2012570
Bacterial colonization affects the intestinal proteome of preterm pigs susceptible to necrotizing enterocolitisJiang, P; Sangild, PT; Siggers, RH; Sit, WH; Lee, CL; Wan, JMF2011163
Heat shock protein expression in sonoporated myeloid leukemia cellsZhong, W; Jiang, P; Wang, H; Wan, JMF; Yu, ACH201178
Enteral feeding in utero induces marked intestinal structural and functional proteome changes in pig fetusesJiang, P; Wan, JMF; Sit, WH; Lee, CL; Schmidt, M; Sangild, PT2011157
Noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of fetal trisomy 18 and trisomy 13 by maternal plasma dna sequencingChen, EZ; Chiu, RWK; Sun, H; Akolekar, R; Chan, KCA; Leung, TY; Jiang, P; Zheng, YWL; Lun, FMF; Chan, LYS; Jin, Y; Go, ATJI; Lau, ET; To, WWK; Leung, WC; Tang, RYK; AuYeung, SKC; Lam, H; Kung, YY; Zhang, X; van Vugt, JMG; Minekawa, R; Tang, MHY; Wang, J; Oudejans, CBM; Lau, TK; Nicolaides, KH; Lo, YMD2011103
Regulatory properties of polysaccharopeptide derived from Coriolus versicolor and its combined effect with ciclosporin on the homeostasis of human lymphocytesLee, CL; Jiang, P; Sit, WH; Yang, X; Wan, JMF2010130
Electrophysiological properties of human induced pluripotent stem cellsJiang, P; Rushing, SN; Kong, MCW; Fu, J; Lieu, DKT; Chan, CWY; Deng, W; Li, RA2010120
A game-theoretic approach to generating optimal process plans of multiple jobs in networked manufacturingZhou, G; Xiao, Z; Jiang, P; Huang, GQ201065
MicroRNA and cell cycle of embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells: Insights for eliminating tumorgenicityKong, MCW; Jiang, P; Rushing, SN; Tse, HF; Li, RA2010200
Implementation of real-time shop floor manufacturing using RFID technologiesZhang, Y; Huang, GQ; Qu, T; Jiang, P2010312
Polysaccharopeptides derived from Coriolus versicolor potentiate the S-phase specific cytotoxicity of Camptothecin (CPT) on human leukemia HL-60 cellsWan, JM; Sit, WH; Yang, X; Jiang, P; Wong, LL2010230
Electrophysiological properties of human induced pluripotent stem cellsJiang, P; Rushing, SN; Kong, CW; Fu, J; Lieu, DKT; Chan, CW; Deng, W; Li, RA2010242
Na +/Ca 2+ exchanger is a determinant of excitation-contraction coupling in human embryonic stem cell-derived ventricular cardiomyocytesFu, JD; Jiang, P; Rushing, S; Liu, J; Chiamvimonvat, N; Li, RA2010263
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