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Tuberculosis is associated with increased lung cancer mortalityLeung, CC; Hui, L; Lee, RSY; Lam, TH; Yew, WW; Hui, DSC; Chan, RCY; Mok, YW; Law, WS; Chang, KC; Leung, ECC; Tam, CM201357
A longitudinal study of serial BODE indices in predicting mortality and readmissions for COPDKo, FWS; Tam, W; Tung, AHM; Ngai, J; Ng, SSS; Lai, K; Au, KF; Hui, DSC2011169
Prevalence of allergic rhinitis and its associated morbidity in adults with asthma: A multicentre studyKo, FWS; Ip, MSM; Chu, CM; So, LKY; Lam, DCL; Hui, DSC2010324
Possible role of aerosol transmission in a hospital outbreak of influenzaWong, BCK; Lee, N; Li, Y; Chan, PKS; Qiu, H; Luo, Z; Lai, RWM; Ngai, KLK; Hui, DSC; Choi, KW; Yu, ITS2010295
Prevalence and risk factors of airflow obstruction in the elderly populationKo, FWS; Woo, J; Tam, W; Lai, CKW; Ngai, J; Kwok, T; Hui, DSC2008129
Effects of air pollution on asthma hospitalization rates in different age groups in Hong KongKo, FWS; Tam, W; Wong, TW; Lai, CKW; Wong, GWK; Leung, TF; Ng, SSS; Hui, DSC2007166
Temporal relationship between air pollutants and hospital admissions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Hong KongKo, FWS; Tam, W; Tze, WW; Chan, DPS; Tung, AH; Lai, CKW; Hui, DSC2007136
Influence of Fcγ RIIA and MBL polymorphisms on severe acute respiratory syndromeYuan, FF; Tanner, J; Chan, PKS; Biffin, S; Dyer, WB; Geczy, AF; Tang, JW; Hui, DSC; Sung, JJY; Sullivan, JS200581
Severe acute respiratory syndrome: Report of treatment and outcome after a major outbreakSung, JJY; Wu, A; Joynt, GM; Yuen, KY; Lee, N; Chan, PKS; Cockram, CS; Ahuja, AT; Yu, LM; Wong, VW; Hui, DSC2004293
Antiviral agents and corticosteroids in the treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Yu, WC; Hui, DSC; Chan-Yeung, MMW2004247
Human metapneumovirus detection in patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, PKS; Tam, JS; Lam, CW; Chan, E; Wu, A; Li, CK; Buckley, TA; Ng, KC; Joynt, GM; Cheng, FWT; To, KF; Lee, N; Hui, DSC; Cheung, JLK; Chu, I; Liu, E; Chung, SSC; Sung, JJY2003136
Asthma, atopy and tuberculin responses in Chinese schoolchildren in Hong KongWong, G; Hui, DSC; Tam, CM; Chan, HH; Fok, TF; Chan, MMW; Lai, CKW2001247
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