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Using self-driven AC-DC synchronous rectifier as a direct replacement for traditional power diode rectifierZhong, WX; Hui, SY; Ho, WC; Liu, X2012144
The cultural politics of introducing popular music into China's music educationHo, WC; Law, WW201278
A factor analytic study of the cope questionnaire by sex of respondentsWu, J; Siu, A; Ho, WC2011139
The politics of historical memory and Chinese nationalism: a study of Music Education in mainland ChinaHo, WC; Law, WW201173
Music education in China: In search of social harmony and Chinese nationalismLaw, WW; Ho, WC201197
Effect of inner retinal dysfunction on slow double-stimulation multifocal electroretinogramChu, PHW; Ng, YF; Ting, PWK; Lung, JCY; Ho, WC; So, KF; To, CH; Chan, HHL2011124
Comparative study on power conversion methods for wireless battery charging platformChoi, WP; Ho, WC; Liu, X; Hui, SYR201095
Self-driven AC-DC synchronous rectifier for power applications - A direct energy-efficient replacement for traditional diode rectifierZhong, WX; Ho, WC; Liu, X; Hui, SYR2010146
Popular culture and music education in ChinaLaw, WW; Ho, WC2010244
Generalized self-driven AC-DC synchronous rectification techniques for single- & multiphase systemsZhong, WX; Ho, WC; Hui, SYR201093
Bidirectional communication techniques for wireless battery charging systems & portable consumer electronicsChoi, WP; Ho, WC; Liu, X; Hui, SYR2010141
Dynamics of Social Change in School Music Education: In Search of Social Harmony and Historical Memory in Mainland ChinaHo, WC; Law, WW2009105
Sociopolitical Culture and School Music Education in Hong KongHo, WC; Law, WW200994
Globalization, values education, and school music education in ChinaLaw, WW; Ho, WC2009328
The struggle between globalisation, nationalism and music education in Hong KongHo, WC; Law, WW2009283
A hybrid EMI filter with ultra-wide bandwidthHo, WC; Lee, CK; Liu, X; Chan, PKW; Hui, SYR; Lee, YS2008187
Social Change and Political-Cultural Struggle in Hong Kong's School MusicLaw, WW; Ho, WC200882
Cultural Diversity and Social Harmony in Hong Kong Music EducationLaw, WW; Ho, WC2007190
Culture, music education and the state in Hong Kong and Taiwan in a global ageLaw, WW; Ho, WC2006110
Students' Music Experiences, Society and Culture: Music Education in Shanghai, ChinaHo, WC; Law, WW2006111
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