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Chronic intermittent hypoxia aggravates palmitate-induced lipid accumulation and apoptosis in a NAFLD cell modelPan, J; Xiao, J; Guo, R; Liong, EC; Tipoe, GL; Fung, ML201337
The iron-chelating drug M30 down-regulates carbon tetrachloride (CCI4)-induced hepatic oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in vitroGuo, R; Xiao, J; Pan, J; Liong, EC; Fung, ML; So, KF; Youdim, M; Lin, B; Tipoe, GL201331
Therapeutic approaches to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: past achievements and future chanllengesXiao, J; Guo, R; Fung, ML; Liong, EC; Tipoe, GL201343
Isolation and characterization of a novel Betacoronavirus subgroup a coronavirus, rabbit coronavirus HKU14, from domestic rabbitsLau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Yip, CCY; Fan, RYY; Huang, Y; Wang, M; Guo, R; Lam, CSF; Tsang, AKL; Lai, KKY; Chan, KH; Che, XY; Zheng, BJ; Yuen, KY2012122
Recent transmission of a novel alphacoronavirus, bat coronavirus HKU10, from Leschenault's rousettes to Pomona leaf-nosed bats: first evidence of interspecies transmission of coronavirus between bats of different suborders.Lau, SKP; Li, KSM; Tsang, KL; Shek, CT; Wang, M; Choi, KY; Guo, R; Wong, BHL; Poon, RWS; Lam, SF; Wang, SYH; Fan, YY; Chan, KH; Zheng, B; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201235
Ecoepidemiology and complete genome comparison of different strains of severe acute respiratory syndrome-related Rhinolophus bat coronavirus in China reveal bats as a reservoir for acute, self-limiting infection that allows recombination eventsLau, SKP; Li, KSM; Huang, Y; Shek, CT; Tse, H; Wang, M; Choi, GKY; Xu, H; Lam, CSF; Guo, R; Chan, KH; Zheng, BJ; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY201091
Identification and complete genome analysis of three novel paramyxoviruses, Tuhoko virus 1, 2 and 3, in fruit bats from ChinaLau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Wong, BHL; Wong, AYP; Tsoi, HW; Wang, M; Lee, P; Xu, H; Poon, RWS; Guo, R; Li, KSM; Chan, KH; Zheng, BJ; Yuen, KY2010103
Coexistence of different genotypes in the same bat and serological characterization of Rousettus bat coronavirus HKU9 belonging to a novel Betacoronavirus subgroupLau, SKP; Poon, RWS; Wong, BHL; Wang, M; Huang, Y; Xu, H; Guo, R; Li, KSM; Gao, K; Chan, KH; Zheng, BJ; Woo, PCY; Yuen, KY2010309
ABCG1 mediated oxidized LDL-derived oxysterol efflux from macrophagesXu, M; Zhou, H; Tan, KCB; Guo, R; Shiu, SWM; Wong, Y2009550
Complete genome sequence of bat coronavirus HKU2 from Chinese horseshoe bats revealed a much smaller spike gene with a different evolutionary lineage from the rest of the genomeLau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Li, KSM; Huang, Y; Wang, M; Lam, CSF; Xu, H; Guo, R; Chan, Kh; Zheng, Bj; Yuen, Ky2007144
Ferroelectric thin-film active sensors for structural health monitoringLin, B; Giurgiutiu, V; Yuan, Z; Liu, J; Chen, C; Jiang, J; Bhalla, AS; Guo, R2007232
Comparative analysis of twelve genomes of three novel group 2c and group 2d coronaviruses reveals unique group and subgroup featuresWoo, PCY; Wang, M; Lau, SKP; Xu, H; Poon, RWS; Guo, R; Wong, BHL; Gao, K; Tsoi, HW; Huang, Y; Li, KSM; Lam, CSF; Chan, KH; Zheng, BJ; Yuen, KY2007171
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