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IQ and adolescent self-harm behaviours in the ALSPAC birth cohortChang, S; Chen, Y; Heron, J; Kidger, J; Lewis, G; Gunnell, D201451
Suicide, recession, and unemployment - Authors' replyReeves, A; Stuckler, D; McKee, M; Gunnell, D; Chang, S; Basu, S201330
Sleep and suicide: an analysis of a cohort of 394,000 Taiwanese adultsGunnell, D; Chang, S; Tsai, MK; Tsao, CK; Wen, CP201338
Perinatal risk factors for suicide in young adults in TaiwanChen, YY; Gunnell, D; Lu, CL; Chang, S; Lu, TH; Li, CY201320
Impact of 2008 global economic crisis on suicide: time trend study in 54 countriesChang, S; Stuckler, D; Yip, PSF; Gunnell, D201332
The impact of the 2008 global economic crisis on suicide: a time trend studyChang, S; Stuckler, D; Yip, PSF; Gunnell, D201334
The impact of media reporting on the emergence of charcoal burning suicide in TaiwanChen, YY; Chen, F; Gunnell, D; Yip, PSF201328
Changes in the geography of suicide in young men: England and Wales 1981-2005Gunnell, D; Wheeler, B; Chang, SS; Thomas, B; Sterne, JAC; Dorling, D2012149
Adiposity, its related biologic risk factors, and suicide: a cohort study of 542,088 Taiwanese adultsChang, SS; Wen, CP; Tsai, MK; Lawlor, DA; Yang, YC; Gunnell, D2012182
The impact of pesticide suicide on the geographic distribution of suicide in Taiwan: A spatial analysisChang, SS; Lu, TH; Sterne, JA; Eddleston, M; Lin, JJ; Gunnell, D2012125
Factors associated with the decline in suicide by pesticide poisoning in Taiwan: A time trend analysis, 1987-2010Chang, SS; Lu, TH; Eddleston, M; Konradsen, F; Sterne, JAC; Lin, JJ; Gunnell, D2012123
Increase in state suicide rates in the USA during economic recessionReeves, A; Stuckler, D; McKee, M; Gunnell, D; Chang, S; Basu, S201229
Suicide and non-suicide mortality after self-harm in Taipei City, TaiwanKuo, CJ; Gunnell, D; Chen, CC; Yip, PSF; Chen, YY201287
Surveillance of Australian suicidal behaviour using the internet?Page, A; Chang, SS; Gunnell, D201190
Internet searches for a specific suicide method follow its high-profile media coverageChang, SS; Page, A; Gunnell, D201199
Geography of suicide in Taiwan: Spatial patterning and socioeconomic correlatesChang, SS; Sterne, JAC; Wheeler, BW; Lu, TH; Lin, JJ; Gunnell, D2011121
Suicide epidemics: The impact of newly emerging methods on overall suicide rates - A time trends studyThomas, K; Chang, SS; Gunnell, D2011138
'Hidden' suicides amongst deaths certified as undetermined intent, accident by pesticide poisoning and accident by suffocation in TaiwanChang, SS; Sterne, JAC; Lu, TH; Gunnell, D2010105
The evolution of the epidemic of charcoal-burning suicide in Taiwan: A spatial and temporal analysisChang, SS; Gunnell, D; Wheeler, BW; Yip, P; Sterne, JAC2010123
Association of secular trends in unemployment with suicide in Taiwan, 1959-2007: A time-series analysisChang, SS; Sterne, JAC; Huang, WC; Chuang, HL; Gunnell, D2010117
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