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Moving Hong Kong: an uphill struggleMcManus, AM; Ling, CM; Eves, FF; Yu, CW; Sit, HP; Hill, JO200991
Marginally perceptible outcome feedback, motor learning and implicit processesMasters, RSW; Maxwell, JP; Eves, FF2009172
Promoting walking in Chinese children: message specificity and validation.McManus, AM; Eves, FF; Ling, CM200972
Reinvestment and movement disruption following strokeOrrell, AJ; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF200988
Effects of point-of-choice stair climbing interventions in Hong Kong.Eves, FF; Masters, RS; McManus, AM200893
Contextual barriers to lifestyle physical activity interventions in HONG KONGEves, FF; Masters, RSW; Mcmanus, A; Leung, M; Wong, P; White, MJ2008130
Development and validation of prompted stair climbing as an intervention to increase healthy lifestyle activity in Hong KongEves, FF; Masters, RSW; McManus, AM200771
Duration of Parkinson disease is associated with an increased propensity for "reinvestment"Masters, RSW; Pall, HS; MacMahon, KMA; Eves, FF2007136
Implicit sequence learning processes after unilateral strokeOrrell, AJ; Eves, FF; Masters, RSW; MacMahon, KMM2007104
An uphill struggle: Effects of a point-of-choice stair climbing intervention in a non-English speaking populationEves, FF; Masters, RSW2006102
Motor learning of a dynamic balancing task after stroke: Implicit implications for stroke rehabilitationOrrell, AJ; Eves, FF; Masters, RSW200690
Implicit motor learning of a balancing taskOrrell, AJ; Eves, FF; Masters, RSW200698
Development of a movement specific Reinvestment Scale.Masters, RSW; Eves, FF; Maxwell, JP2005563
The role of working memory in motor learning and performanceMaxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF2003154
Reinvestment: A dimension of the stroke personality?Orrell, A; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF2002103
From novice to no know-how: A longitudinal study of implicit motor learningMaxwell, JP; Masters, RSW; Eves, FF200062
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