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What makes children move more at school recess and lunchtime? Results from Transform-Us! cluster-randomized controlled trial
British Journal of Sports Medicine
Yildrim, M; Arundell, L; Cerin, E; Carson, V; Brown, H; Crawford, D; Hesketh, KD; Ridgers, ND; te Velde, SJ; Chinapaw, MJM; Salmon, J201439
Associations of children’s mode of school commuting with health outcomes
Annual Meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA)
International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA).
Hume, C; Salmon, J; Hesketh, K; Dunstan, D; Daly, R; Cerin, E; Crawford, D; Timperio, A201445
Parents’ engagement in an Australian school- and home-based group RCT to reduce children’s sitting time and promote physical activity: Transform-Us!
12th ISBNPA Annual Meeting Abstracts Book
Ghent University.
Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Brown, H; Cerin, E; Hesketh, K; Crawford, D; Chin A Paw, M; Ball, K201369
Examination of mid-intervention mediating effects on objectively assessed sedentary time among children in the Transform-US! cluster-randomized controlled trial
International Journal of behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
Carson, V; Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Ridgers, ND; Cerin, E; Brown, H; Hesketh, KD; Ball, K; Chinapaw, M; Yildrim, M; Daly, RM; Dunstan, DW; Crawford, D201374
Strategies to promote children's school based physical activity: Transform-US! Mid-intervention findings
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport
Elsevier Australia. The Journal's web site is located at
Arundell, L; Salmon, J; Yildrim, M; Cerin, E; Hesketh, K; Ball, K; Brown, H; Chin A Paw, M; Hume, C; Crawford, D201277
Children’s sitting time at school and home and what parents think about it.
International Congress of Behavioral Medicine 2012, Budapest, Hungary.
Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Brown, H; Cheung, MC; Ridgers, N; Cerin, E; Ball, K; Hume, C; Chinapaw, M; Hesketh, K; Crawford, D2011131
A cluster-randomized controlled trial to reduce sedentary behavior and promote physical activity and health of 8-9 year olds: The Transform-Us! Study
BMC Public Health
BioMed Central Ltd. The Journal's web site is located at
Salmon, J; Arundell, L; Hume, C; Brown, H; Hesketh, K; Dunstan, DW; Daly, RM; Pearson, N; Cerin, E; Moodie, M; Sheppard, L; Ball, K; Bagley, S; Paw, MCA; Crawford, D2011262
Treatment of hepatitis B e antigen-positive chronic hepatitis with telbivudine or adefovir: A randomized trial
Annals of Internal Medicine
American College of Physicians. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, HLY; Heathcote, EJ; Marcellin, P; Lai, CL; Cho, M; Moon, YM; Chao, YC; Myers, RP; Minuk, GY; Jeffers, L; Sievert, W; Bzowej, N; Harb, G; Kaiser, R; Qiao, XJ; Brown, NA; Crawford, D; Lim, SG; Chutaputti, A; Poynard, T2007260
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