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Metabolic changes in the anterior and posterior cingulate cortices of the normal aging brain: Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy study at 3 TCHIU, PW; Mak, HKF; Yau, KKW; Chan, Q; Chang, RCC; Chu, LW201340
Is Nursing Home Residence an Independent Predictor of Recurrent Hospitalization in Older Adults?Chan, TCI; Hung, IFN; Cheng, VCC; Luk, JKH; Chu, LW; Chan, FHW201327
Increased prospective memory interference in normal and pathological aging: different roles of motor and verbal processing speedGao, J; Cheung, RTF; Chan, YS; Chu, LW; Lee, TMC2013100
Combination of quantitative MR hippocampal volumetry and arterial spin labeling MR perfusion in discriminating Alzheimer’s disease and cognitively normal older adults in a Hong Kong Chinese cohort.Mak, HKF; QIAN, W; Yau, KKW; Chu, LW201320
Neural activities during affective processing in people with Alzheimer's diseaseLee, TMC; Sun, D; Leung, MK; Chu, LW; Keysers, C2013146
Functional status of older nursing home residents can affect the efficacy of influenza vaccination.Chan, TCI; Hung, IFN; Luk, JKH; Shea, YF; Chan, FHW; Woo, PCY; Chu, LW201334
Strongyloidiasis in a nonagenarian who previously worked in conservancy servicesShea, YF; Chau, KM; Hung, IFN; Chu, LW201331
Structural MRI measures in Alzheimer's disease and effects of ethnicityZhang, L; Cheung, RTF; Mak, HKF; Chu, LW201333
31P Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy on normal aging human brain at 3.0 TeslaCHIU, PW; Chan, Q; Chu, LW; Mak, HKF201336
Relevance of short-range connectivity to brain compensation and cognitive efficiency in healthy and pathological ageing: a combined functional magnetic resonance imaging and tractography study on prospective memoryGao, JL; Cheung, RTF; Chan, YS; Chu, LW; Mak, H; Lee, TMC201326
An uncommon complication of a fall in the elderly: Interhemispheric subdural hematomaShea, YF; Li, LF; Leung, GKK; Chu, LW201314
Testosterone attenuated pre-synaptic disrutpion in beta-amyloid-treated rat hippocampal neuronsLau, CF; Ho, YS; Poon, CH; Wuwongse, S; Chu, LW; Chang, RCC201285
Quantitative assessment of cerebral hemodynamic parameters by QUASAR Arterial Spin Labeling in Alzheimer's disease and cognitively normal elderly adults at 3-Tesla.Mak, HKF; Chan, Q; Zhang, Z; Petersen, E; Qiu, D; Zhang, L; Yau, KKW; Chu, LW; Golay, X2012109
Prevalence and Associated Comorbidities of Moderate to Severe Chronic Renal Impairment in Chinese Nursing Home Older AdultsChan, TC; Yap, DYH; Shea, YF; Luk, KH; Chan, HW; Chu, LW2012116
Prevention Of Mortality And Pneumonia Among Nursing Home Older Adults By Dual Pneumococcal And Seasonal Influenza Vaccination During A Pandemic Caused By Novel Pandemic Influenza A (h1n1).Chan, TC; Hung, IFN; Luk, JKH; Woo, PCY; Chu, LW201269
Plasma amyloid-β oligomers level is a biomarker for Alzheimer's disease diagnosisZhou, L; Chan, KH; Chu, LW; Kwan, JSC; Song, YQ; Chen, LH; Ho, PWL; Cheng, OY; Ho, JWM; Lam, KSL2012156
Polymorphisms of CR1, CLU and PICALM confer susceptibility of Alzheimer's disease in a southern Chinese populationChen, LH; Kao, PYP; Fan, YH; Ho, DTY; Chan, CSY; Yik, PY; Ha, JCT; Chu, LW; Song, YQ2012182
Prevalence of anemia in Chinese nursing home older adults: Implication of age and renal impairment [Epub ahead of print]Chan, TCI; Yap, YHD; Shea, YF; Luk, JKH; Chan, FHW; Chu, LW201228
Current neuroimaging techniques in Alzheimer's disease and applications of animal modelsZHANG, L; Chang, RCC; Chu, LW; Mak, HKF201232
Aphasia in a Chinese-English bilingual speaker with dementiaWeekes, B; Chu, LW; Dai, EYL; Ha, J; Song, YQ201235
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