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Successful treatment of pulmonary rhizopus infection with surgical resection and posaconazole in a renal transplant recipientKwan, LP; Choy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Suen, WS; Yap, YHD201353
Recurrent IgA nephropathy in transplantChoy, CBY; Lai, KN2008113
Nephrotic syndrome secondary to strongloidiasis: a common infection with an uncommon presentationChan, J; Choy, CBY; Lai, KN200862
Risk and outcome of peritonitis after flexible colonoscopy in CAPD patientYip, T; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Cheng, SW; Lui, SL; Tang, SCW; Li, FK; Wang, AYM; Choy, CBY; Ng, MMT; Chan, DTM; Lai, KN; Lo, WK2006157
Minimal and optimal peritoneal Kt/V targets: Results of an anuric peritoneal dialysis patient's survival analysisLo, WK; Lui, SL; Chan, TM; Li, FK; Lam, MF; Tse, KC; Tang, SCW; Choy, CBY; Lai, KN2005114
Tubular expression of angiotensin II receptors and their regulation in IgA nephropathyChan, LYY; Leung, JCK; Tang, SCW; Choy, CBY; Lai, KN200578
Mycophenolic acid increase risk of herpes zoster infection in renal transplant recipientsChoy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Tse, KC; Lam, MF; Lai, KN200578
Spousal renal donor transplantation in Chinese: a ten-year experience from two regional hospitals in Hong Kong. [Abstract presented at the European Dialysis and Transplantation Association XXXIX Congress, July 14-17, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark]Tang, SCW; Chan, DTM; Li, FK; Choy, CBY; Tang, A; Ho, YW; Lai, KN200270
Long-term outcome of renal transplant in patients with hepatitis B or C. [Abstract presented at the European Dialysis and Transplantation Association XXXIX Congress, July 14-17, 2002, Copenhagen, Denmark]Choy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Li, FK; Lui, SL; Lo, WK; Lai, KN200270
A randomised prospective comparison of intermittent versus continuous dosing regimens of intraperitoneal cefozolin and tobramycin in the treatment of CAPD preitonitis. [Abstract presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Society Nephrology, Oct 10-1Choy, CBY; Lo, WK; Chan, DTM; Lui, SL; Tang, SCW; Lam, MF; Li, FK; Lai, KN200176
Late onset-lymphocele after renal transplantationLi, FK; Chu, SSM; Lam, MF; Tam, PC; Lee, CK; Tang, CW; Choy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Lai, KN200074
Recurrence of IgA nephropathy after renal transplantation. [Abstract presented at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Nephrology, November 1-8, Miami Beach, Florida, USA]Choy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Lam, MF; Lo, WK; Li, FK; Lui, SL; Tang, S; Lai, KN199979
Conversion of cyclosporine A to tacrolimus in renal transplant recipientsLi, FK; Chan, DTM; Lo, WK; Choy, CBY; Lui, SL; Tang, S; Lai, KN199968
A comparative study of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis related infections among old and yound patientsChoy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Lui, SL; Li, FK; Tang, S; Lai, KN199888
Effectiveness of calcium acetate as a phosphate binder in patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysisChoy, CBY; Lo, WK; Cheng, IKP1998205
Clinical efficacy and tolerability of intravenous iron saccharate in chronic dialysis patients not responding to oral iron supplementationChoy, CBY; Chan, DTM199759
Peritoneal white cell count in patients on temporary intermittent peritoneal dialysis (IPD): Implications on the diagnosis of peritonitisChoy, CBY; Lo, WK; Chan, DTM199763
High prevalence of non-dermatophytic fungi in elderly patients with onychomycosisSiau, H; Ho, PL; Lam, CLK; Choy, CBY; Tang, YM; Yuen, KY199789
Mycobacterial infections complicating renal transplantationLui, SL; Li, FK; Lo, CY; Choy, CBY; Lo, WK; Chan, DTM199764
Higher morbidity in cadaveric renal allograft recipients transplanted outside Hong KongChoy, CBY; Chan, DTM; Li, FK; Lui, SL; Lo, WK; Lo, CY; Cheng, IKP199763
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