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Floristic diversity of managed green spaces in guangzhou, ChinaChen, WY; Jim, CY2010122
External effects of neighbourhood parks and landscape elements on high-rise residential valueJim, CY; Chen, WY2010259
Leisure participation pattern of residents in a New Chinese CityJim, CY; Chen, WY2009130
Diversity and distribution of landscape trees in the compact Asian city of TaipeiJim, CY; Chen, WY2009224
Ecosystem services and valuation of urban forests in ChinaJim, CY; Chen, WY2009206
Value of scenic views: Hedonic assessment of private housing in Hong KongJim, CY; Chen, WY2009255
Pattern and divergence of tree communities in Taipei's main urban green spacesJim, CY; Chen, WY2008128
Cost-benefit analysis of the leisure value of urban greening in the new Chinese city of ZhuhaiChen, WY; Jim, CY200873
Impacts of urban environmental elements on residential housing prices in Guangzhou (China)Jim, CY; Chen, WY2006184
Isolation of amelogenin-positive ameloblasts from rat mandibular incisor enamel organs by flow cytometry and fluorescence activated cell sortingChen, WY; Lu, L; Mcdonald, K; Osmond, DG; Smith, CE199893
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