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The Functional Living Index – Cancer is a reliable and valid instrument in Chinese cancer patientsFong, DYT; Lee, AHK; Tung, SY; Wong, JYH; Chan, YM; Goh, CR; Cheung, YB201434
The difficulties of economic transformation in Hong Kong towards cognitive economyZhao, SX; Chan, YM201329
Silver(I)-Catalyzed Highly Enantioselective Diels-Alder Reaction with Axially Chiral VinylallenesChan, YM; Lo, KY; Che, CM201341
Sexual activity and adolescent health risk behaviors amongst high school students in three ethnic Chinese urban populations.Ong, J; Wong, WCW; Lee, A; Holroyd, E; Huang, A; Chan, YM201314
Direction of China’s economic transformation: reference from the world experienceZhao, SX; Chan, YM2012101
Structural changes of Hong Kong industries under the One Country, Two Systems and Propositions to the new-term GovernmentZhao, SX; Chan, YM201261
The contribution and cost of Individual Visit Scheme and its threats and opportunities to Hong KongChan, YM; Zhao, SX2012237
Stereoselective Intramolecular Carbene C–H Insertion Catalyzed by Rhodium(III) Porphyrin ComplexesLo, KY; Thu, HY; Chan, YM; Lam, TL; Yu, WY; Che, CM201242
The rise and fall of International Financial Centers and its implication to Hong Kong and ChinaZhao, SX; Chan, YM201279
China’s urbanization and Hong Kong’s role in the national 12th Five-Year PlanZhao, SX; Chan, YM2011105
Three-dimensional cephalometric norms of Chinese adults in Hong Kong with balanced facial profileCheung, LK; Chan, YM; Jayaratne, YSN; Lo, J2011197
A systematic review on cephalometric norms of adults with balanced facial profileChan, YM; Cheung, LK; Lo, J; Jayaratne, YSN2010120
Three-dimensional cephalometric norms of Chinese facesChan, YM; Cheung, LK; Lo, J; Jayaratne, YSN2010123
English-speaking foreign domestic helpers and students' english reading attainment in Hong KongTse, SK; Lam, RYH; Loh, EKY; Ip, OKM; Lam, JWI; Chan, YM2009289
A study of network-based kernel methods on protein-protein interaction for protein functions predictionChing, WK; Li, L; Chan, YM; Mamitsuka, H2009143
Transluency of biaxial flexural strength of four ceramic core materialsChan, YM; Smales, RJ; Yip, HK; Sung, WK2008150
Psychometric Evaluation of the Hong Kong Chinese Version of Functional Living Index - Cancer in Hong KongLee, AHK; Fong, DYT; Chan, YM200878
The medium dilemma for Hong Kong secondary schoolsTse, SK; Shum, M; Ki, WW; Chan, YM2007183
Attitudes and Attainment: A Comparison of Hong Kong, Singaporean and English students' ReadingTse, SK; Lam, RYH; Lam, JWI; Chan, YM; Loh, EKY2006242
Ethnicity is a factor to be considered before dose planning in ovarian cancer patients to be treated with topotecanTam, KF; Chan, YM; Ng, TY; Wong, LC; Ngan, HYS200694
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