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Role of portal vein embolization in hepatocellular carcinoma management and its effect on recurrence: A case-control studySiriwardana, RC; Lo, CM; Chan, SC; Fan, ST2012167
Effects of donor steatosis on liver biochemistry and significance of body mass index in predicting steatosisSiriwardana, RC; Chan, SC; Chok, KSH; Lo, CM; Fan, ST201277
Exergy analysis of cooling towers for optimization of HVAC systemsHui, SCM; Chan, SC201175
Broadband optical chaos for stimulated Brillouin scattering suppression in power over fiberFu, X; Chan, SC; Liu, Q; Wong, KKY2011114
Power-over-fiber using an optically injected semiconductor laser in chaotic dynamicsFu, XL; Chan, SC; Wong, KKY2010128
Attentional bias towards negative affect stimuli and reactive aggression in male batterersChan, SC; Raine, A; Lee, TMC2010205
Hyper-responsivity to threat stimuli in domestic violence offenders: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study.Lee, TMC; Chan, SC; Raine, A2009149
Patients with preoperative hepatorenal syndrome (HRS) have comparable long-term outcomes after live-donor liver transplantation (LDLT) (Abstract)Chok, KSH; Lo, CM; Ng, KKC; Chan, SC200996
Hyperresponsivity to threat stimuli in domestic violence offenders: A functional magnetic resonance imaging studyLee, TMC; Chan, SC; Raine, A200980
Research on Smoking Cessation Interventions for Youth Smokers in Hong KongChan, SSC; Chong, SY; Chan, SC; Lau, CP; Lam, TH2009114
體肝移植: 成人活體肝移植手術及成人間右半肝肝移植的選擇Chan, SC; Fan, ST2008234
Strong limbic and weak frontal activation to aggressive stimuli in spouse abusersLee, TMC; Chan, SC; Raine, A200878
Deep-red to near-infrared electrophosphorescence based on bis(8-hydroxyquinolato) platinum(II) complexesXiang, HF; Xu, ZX; Roy, VAL; Yan, BP; Chan, SC; Che, CM; Lai, PT2008414
Neural correlates of stimulus bias by batterers: a fMRI studyChan, SC; Yuen, SL; Lee, TMC200690
[(O∧N∧N)PtX] complexes as a new class of light-emitting materials for electrophosphorescent devicesKwok, CC; Ngai, HMY; Chan, SC; Sham, IHT; Che, CM; Zhu, N200594
Primacy of hepatovascular flowmetry in right lobe adult-to-adult live donor liver transplantation (Abstract)Chan, SC; Liu, CL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST200562
Photo-reduction of methylviologen in alcohol solutions using luminescent platinum(II) photocatalystsLai, SW; Hou, Y; Chan, SC; Zhang, J; Che, CM; Kwok, WM; Phillips, DL2005176
香港腫瘤專科護士培訓及教育的發展So, KW; Chan, SC; Mak, SS2005205
High-efficiency red electrophosphorescence based on neutral bis(pyrrole)-diimine platinum(II) complexXiang, HF; Chan, SC; Wu, KKY; Che, CM; Lai, PT200577
Tetradentate Schiff base platinum(II) complexes as new class of phosphorescent materials for high-efficiency and white-light electroluminescent devicesChe, CM; Chan, SC; Xiang, HF; Chan, MCW; Liu, Y; Wang, Y2004169
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