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Extracellular matrix and stem cell niche in the regenerating planarianShen, Y; Ng, VCW; Shen, W; Norito, S; Cheung, SKC; Agato, K; Chan, B; Lam, YW; Chan, D201280
Klein Levin Syndrome is a steroid-responsive, non NMDA receptor-mediated encephalitis (poster presentation)Wong, S; Cheung, P; Wong, VCN; Ma, L; Chan, B201296
Klein Levin Syndrome is a steriod-responsive, non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated encephalitisWong, S; Cheung, P; Wong, VCN; Chan, B201287
Development of simulation model for non-conveyable load handling processes in express cargo terminalZhao, M; Lau, H; Chan, B201282
Klein Levin syndrome is a steroid-responsive, non-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated encephalitisWong, S; Cheung, P; Wong, VCN; Ma, L; Chan, B201231
Biochemical and molecular characterization of tyrosine hydroxylase deficiency in Hong Kong ChineseMak, CM; Lam, CW; Siu, TS; Chan, KY; Siu, WK; Yeung, WL; Hui, J; Wong, VCN; Low, LCK; Ko, CH; Fung, CW; Chen, SP; Yuen, YP; Lee, HC; Yau, E; Chan, B; Tong, SF; Tam, S; Chan, YW2010242
Sonographic features of hemivertebra at 13 weeks' gestationChen, M; Chan, B; Lam, TPW; Shek, T; Lee, CP; Tang, MHY200754
Suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts in a population-based study of Chinese people: Risk attributable to hopelessness, depression, and social factorsYin Bun Cheung; Law, CK; Chan, B; Ka Yuet Liu; Yip, PSF2006146
Effect of WeiJia on carbon tetrachloride induced chronic liver injuryCheung, PY; Zhang, Q; Zhang, YO; Bai, GR; Lin, MCM; Chan, B; Fong, CC; Shi, L; Shi, YF; Chun, J; Kung, HF; Yang, MS2006135
First-trimester examination of fetal nasal bone in the Chinese populationChen, M; Lee, CP; Tang, R; Chan, B; Ou, CQ; Tang, MHY200672
Oral health sensations associated with illicit drug abuseMcGrath, C; Chan, B2005104
Evaluation of P-POSSUM in surgery for obstructing colorectal cancer and correlation of the predicted mortality with different surgical optionsPoon, JTC; Chan, B; Wai, LL2005114
Stage of change for general health promotion action and health-related lifestyle practices in Chinese adultsLam, TH; Chan, B; Ho, SY; Chan, WM200469
Nature reserves in South China: observations on their role and problems in conserving biodiversityFellowes, J; Lau, M; Chan, B; Hau, CH; Ng, SC2004124
VISJET & VISFLOOD: Software for environment hydraulic modeling & visualizationLee, JHW; Cheung, V; Kuang, CP; CHoi, DKW; Wang, WP; Tu, CH; Chan, B; Choi, YK2003191
Public opinion on smoke-free policies in restaurants and predicted effect on patronage in Hong KongLam, TH; Janghorbani, M; Hedley, AJ; Ho, SY; McGhee, SM; Chan, B2002220
A study of demographic changes under sustained below-replacement fertility in Hong Kong SARYip, PSF; Lee, J; Chan, B; Au, J2001173
The effect of basic fffiroblast growth factors ( bfgf ) in tendon healing - An in vitro studyChan, B; Chan, KM; Lee, K; Maffiilli, N; Webb, S199691
The role of transesophageal echocardiography in the diagnosis and management of children and young adults with valvar diseases of the left heartLeung, MP; Yung, TC; Chan, B; Chiu, C; Lee, J; Mok, CK1994334
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