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Deep sequencing of small RNA transcriptome reveals novel non-coding RNAs in hepatocellular carcinomaLaw, PT; Qin, H; Ching, AK; Lai, KP; Co, NN; He, M; Lung, RW; Chan, AW; Chan, TF; Wong, N201326
Reduced CRYL1 expression in hepatocellular carcinoma confers cell growth advantages and correlates with adverse patient prognosisCheng, IK; Ching, AK; Chan, TC; Chan, AW; Wong, CK; Choy, KW; Man, K; Lai, PB; Wong, N2010371
Phenotypic and functional abnormalities of bone marrow-derived dendritic cells in systemic lupus erythematosusNie, YJ; Mok, MY; Chan, GCF; Chan, AW; Jin, O; Kavikondala, S; Lie, AKW; Lau, CS2010496
Anti-inflammatory effects of N-acetyl-seryl-aspartyl-lysyl-proline (Ac-SDKP) in protein-overloaded renal tubule cellsTang, SCW; Chan, AW; Chan, LYY; Leung, JCK; Lan, HY; Lai, KN2009120
Promoter hypermethylation of Death-associated protein-kinase gene associated with advance stage gastric cancer.Chan, AW; Chan, MW; Lee, TL; Ng, EK; Leung, WK; Lau, JY; Tong, JH; Chan, FK; To, KF200565
Increased apoptotic blood neutrophils and macrophages and decreased clearance of apoptotic neutrophils in systemic lupus erythematosusRen, Y; Wu, AYY; Chan, AW; Lau, WCS2001141
Effects of triptolide, an active ingredient of trypterygium Wilfordii Hook F (Thunder God Vine, a traditional Chinese herb), on rheumatoid synovial fibroblast functionTong, TK; Yeung, JSL; Yang, D; Wu, AYY; Chan, AW; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM; Lau, WCS2001419
The effects of topical triptolide in an animal model of contact dermatitisWu, AYY; Chan, AW; Chik, SCC; Lau, WCS2001135
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