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Objectively-measured neighborhood environments and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, HP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201334
Walking for transportation in Hong Kong Chinese urban elders: a cross-sectional study on what destinations matter and whenCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM; Johnston, JM201326
Recreational destinations and leisure-time physical activity in Chinese urban eldersCerin, E; Lee, KY; Barnett, A; Sit, CHP; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201333
Walking for Recreation and Perceptions of the Neighborhood Environment in Older Chinese Urban DwellersCerin, E; Sit, CHP; Barnett, A; Cheung, Mc; Chan, Wm2013100
Identifying mediators of training effects on performance-related psychobiosocial states: A single-case observational study in an elite female triathleteBarnett, A; Cerin, E; Reaburn, P; Hooper, S2012131
Walking for recreation and perceptions of the neighbourhood environment in older Chinese urban dwellersCerin, E; Sit, C; Barnett, A; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201230
Ageing in an ultra-dense metropolis: Perceived neighbourhood characteristics and utilitarian walking in Hong Kong eldersCerin, E; Sit, HP; Barnett, A; Johnston, JM; Cheung, MC; Chan, WM201237
Impact of an active video game on healthy children's physical activityBaranowski, T; Abdelsamad, D; Baranowski, J; O'Connor, TM; Thompson, D; Barnett, A; Cerin, E; Chen, TA201297
Reliability and validity of the IPAQ-L in a sample of Hong Kong Urban older adults: Does neighborhood of residence matter?Cerin, E; Barnett, A; Cheung, MC; Sit, CHP; Macfarlane, DJ; Chan, WM201286
Components of the diet associated with child adiposity: a cross-sectional studyLedoux, TA; Watson, K; Barnett, A; Nguyen, NT; Baranowski, JC; Baranowski, T201174
Measuring walking within and outside the neighborhood in Chinese elders: Reliability and validityCerin, E; Barnett, A; Sit, CH; Cheung, MC; Lee, LC; Ho, SY; Chan, WM2011200
Perceived neighbourhood characteristics and walking for transportation in Chinese older residents of ultra-dense urban environmentsCerin, E; Barnett, A; Sit, HP; Cheung, MC; Johnston, JM; Chan, WM201188
Mechanisms linking affective reactions to competition-related and competition-extraneous concerns in male martial artistsCerin, E; Barnett, A2011100
Active video games for youth: A systematic reviewBarnett, A; Cerin, E; Baranowski, T2011227
Predictors of pre- and post-competition affective states in male martial artistis: a multilevel interactional approachCerin, E; Barnett, A2011124
The effects of training on performance and performance-related states in individual elite athletes: A dynamic approachBarnett, A; Cerin, E; Reaburn, P; Hooper, S2010148
Testing Theories of Dietary Behavior Change in Youth Using the Mediating Variable Model with Intervention ProgramsCerin, E; Barnett, A; Baranowski, T200974
Estimation of free-living walking speed and energy expenditure using the Actigraph accelerometerCerin, E; Barnett, A; Vandelanotte, C; Matsumoto, A; Jenkins, D200886
Individual calibration for estimating free-living walking speed using the MTI monitorBarnett, A; Cerin, E200661
A processual analysis of basic emotions and sources of concerns as they are lived before and after a competitionCerin, E; Barnett, A200656
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