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Optical response of grain boundaries in upgraded metallurgical-grade silicon for photovoltaicsLiu, F; Jiang, CS; Guthrey, H; Johnston, S; Romero, MJ; Gorman, BP; AlJassim, MM2011157
Ultrahigh-crystalline-quality silicon pillars formed by millimeter-wave annealing of amorphous silicon on glassLiu, F; Jones, KM; Xu, Y; Nemeth, W; Lohr, J; Neilson, J; Romero, MJ; AlJassim, MM; Young, DL2009145
Characterization of evaporated solid-phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells on glassLiu, F; Romero, MJ; Jones, KM; Kunz, O; Wong, J; Reedy, RC; Aberle, AG; AlJassim, MM2009132
Intragrain defects in polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells on glass by aluminum-induced crystallization and subsequent epitaxyLiu, F; Romero, MJ; Jones, KM; Norman, AG; AlJassim, MM; Inns, D; Aberle, AG2008323
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