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Comparison of Bayesian and regression models in missing enzyme identificationGeng, B; Zhou, X; Hung, YS; Wong, S2008144
Voice Onset Time Characteristics of Inspiratory Phonation.Wong, S; Ng, ML; Chen, Y2008111
Inter- and intra-observer error in distal femur transepicondylar axis measurement by using computerized tomographyLie, CWH; Yau, WP; Chiu, PKY; Leung, HB; Wong, LS; Wong, S200895
Controlling-minority shareholder incentive conflicts and directors' and officers' liability insurance: Evidence from ChinaZou, H; Wong, S; Shum, C; Xiong, J; Yan, J200827
Prevalence of very mild and mild dementia in community-dwelling older Chinese people in Hong KongLam, LCW; Tam, CWC; Lui, VWC; Chan, WC; Chan, SSM; Wong, S; Wong, A; Tham, MK; Ho, KS; Chan, WM; Chiu, HFK2008114
Prevalence of clinically significant depressive symptoms in an epidemiologic sample of community-dwelling elders with milder forms of cognitive impairment in Hong Kong SARChan, SSM; Lam, LCW; Tam, CWC; Lui, VWC; Chan, WC; Wong, S; Wong, A; Tham, MK; Ho, KS; Chan, WM; Chiu, HFK200893
Growing gene network by integration of gene expression, motif sequence and metabolic informationGeng, B; Zhou, X; Hung, YS; Wong, S200763
Genetic variations of type I interferon receptor 1 promoter and their association with chronic hepatitis B virus infection.Zhou, J; Lu, L; Zhang, B; Wong, S; Chen, Y; Poon, KM; Jiang, S; Zheng, B2007104
Epidemiological studies on mental health needs of Asian population in New ZealandKumar, S; Tse, S; Fernando, A; Wong, S200654
Burnout among Personal Care Workers in Dementia Day Care FacilitiesYan, ECW; Kwok, T; Wong, S; Ho, F; Kwok, E200694
Inter- and Intra-observer Errors In Measuring Transepicondylar Axis Of Distal Femur By Using Computerized TomogramLie, WH; Yau, WP; Wong, S; Wong, LLS; Chiu, PKY; Tang, WM200584
Does pulmonary rehabilitation give additional benefit over tiotropium therapy in primary care management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease? Randomized controlled clinical trial in Hong Kong ChineseLindsay, M; Lee, A; Chan, K; Poon, P; Han, LK; Wong, WCW; Wong, S2005107
Partnering with the tenants- Hong Kong experienceSze, EKK; Kumaraswamy, MM; Fung, A; Ekambaram, P; Wong, S2004113
Women faculty of color in TESOL: Theorizing our lived experiencesLin, A; Sachs, GT; Grant, R; Vandrick, S; Kubota, R; Wong, S; Motha, S200483
Use of chopsticks in Chinese childrenWong, S; Chan, K; Wong, V; Wong, W200262
Brain processing of Chinese and English words by early Cantonese-English bilingualsWong, S; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, JC; Tan, LH2002148
Cortical processing of Chinese and English words by early bilingualsWong, S; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, JC; Tan, LH200282
Functional Independence Measure (WeeFIM) for Chinese children: Hong Kong Cohort.Wong, V; Wong, S; Chan, K; Wong, W2002128
Interactive Teachers' Network: Technological Support for Teacher Professional DevelopmentLi, SC; Law, N; Wong, S; Yuen, HK; Ki, WW2000284
Characterization of STS Markers Within Candidate Reigion of The Mouse wr GeneWong, S; Chan, MN; Leung, FCC1999101
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