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Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia (PAPA): A multicity study of short-term effects of air pollution on mortalityWong, CM; VichitVadakan, N; Kan, H; Qian, Z; Vajanapoom, N; Ostro, B; Wong, CM; Thach, TQ; Chau, PYK; Chan, KP; Chung, RY; Qu, CQ; Yang, L; Thomas, GN; Lam, TH; Hadley, AJ; Peiris, JSM; Wong, TW; Kan, H; Chen, B; Zhao, N; Zhang, Y; Kan, H; London, SJ; Song, G; Jiang, L; Chen, G; Qian, Z; Lin, HM; Bentley, CM; Lin, HM; He, Q; Kong, L; Yang, N; Zhou, D; Xu, S; Liu, W2008211
Experimental assessment of thermal performance of an elevated Chinese Kang SystemZhuang, Z; Li, Y; Duanmu, L; Wang, Z; Chen, B; Qian, H; Sun, Y; Zhao, Y; Liu, L2008138
Overlaid cellular and mobile ad hoc networksHuang, K; Chen, Y; Chen, B; Yang, X; Lau, VKN200812
Use of capillary electrophoresis to evaluate protective effects of methylglyoxal scavengers on the activity of creatine kinaseMa, J; Peng, X; Cheng, KW; Chen, F; Yang, D; Chen, B; Wang, MF2008281
Using automatic vehicle identification data for investigation of rain effects on vehicular travel speeds and travel choice behaviourTarn, ML; Lam, WHK; Chen, B; Chan, KS; Wong, SC200894
Energy consumption analysis of an elevated traditional Chinese kangZhuang, Z; Li, YG; Yang, XD; Chen, B2008111
Physiological response properties of retinal ganglion cells indifferent retinal disease animal modelsXiao, B; Nan, Y; Zhang, D; Chen, B; Ren, C; Yu, E; Ellis-Behnke, RG; So, KF; Guan, Y; Pu, M2008179
Value of somatosensory evoked potentials in diagnosis, surgical monitoring and prognosis of cervical spondylotic myelopathyDing, Y; Hu, Y; Ruan, DK; Chen, B200883
Chinese kang.Li, Y; Zhuang, Z; Yang, X; Chen, B2007120
CDNA cloning and expression of autoantigen B0-E2Zhou, Y; Yao, D-K; Chen, Y; Jiang, T-S; Chen, B; Zhong, R-Q; Deng, A-M2007121
A mathematical model for a house with an elevated Chinese kang heating systemZhuang, Z; Li, Y; Chen, B2007106
Numerical computation of roughness effects on heat transfer and hydrodynamic characteristics in microchannelsYun, H; Wang, L; Cheng, L; Chen, B200684
Development of an instrument for measuring curvature of lensTan, C; Lin, B; Chen, B; Cao, X; Pan, T; Jin, W2006955
A suprachiasmatic nucleus projecting retinal ganglion cell exhibits an unusually large dendritic field in the hamsterPu, M; Chen, B; Li, RS; Tay, D; So, KF2006159
Hypoxia dysregulates the production of adiponectin and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 independent of reactive oxygen species in adipocytesChen, B; Lam, KSL; Wang, Y; Wu, D; Lam, MC; Shen, J; Wong, L; Hoo, RLC; Zhang, J; Xu, A2006194
Expression of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase in the retina of postnatal golden hamsters deprived of light stimulationChen, B; So, KF; Yu, E; Tay, DKC200688
Total synthesis of pseudolaric acid AGeng, Z; Chen, B; Chiu, P2006190
Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma Pro12Ala polymorphism, Helicobacter pylori infection and non-cardia gastric carcinoma in ChineseLiao, SY; Zeng, ZR; Leung, WK; Zhou, SZ; Chen, B; Sung, JJY; Hu, PJ200664
Testosterone selectively reduces the high molecular weight form of adiponectin by inhibiting its secretion from adipocytesXu, A; Chan, KW; Hoo, RLC; Wang, Y; Tan, KCB; Zhang, J; Chen, B; Lam, MC; Tse, C; Cooper, GJS; Lam, KSL2005147
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