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Overexpression of proto-oncogene FBI-1 activates membrane type 1-matrix metalloproteinase in association with adverse outcome in ovarian cancersJiang, L; Siu, MKY; Wong, OGW; Tam, KF; Lam, EWF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Cheung, ANY2010193
Differential expression and phosphorylation of Pak1 and Pak2 in ovarian cancer: Effects on prognosis and cell invasionSiu, MKY; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Kong, DSH; Woo, NWS; Tam, KF; Ngan, HYS; Chan, QKY; Chan, DCW; Chan, KYK; Cheung, ANY2010518
p21-activated kinase 4 regulates ovarian cancer cell proliferation, migration, and invasion and contributes to poor prognosis in patientsSiu, MKY; Chan, HY; Kong, DSH; Wong, ESY; Wong, OGW; Ngan, HYS; Tam, KF; Zhang, H; Li, Z; Chan, QKY; Tsao, SW; Strömblad, S; Cheung, ANY2010179
Activation of PKB/AKT promotes cell survival and invasion in choriocarcinomaZhang, H; Siu, KY; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2009118
On the critical packet injection rate of a preferential next-nearest neighbor routing traffic model on Barabási-Albert networksChau, HF; Chan, HY; Chow, FK2009214
Kinesin family member 7 (KIF7) in endometrial and ovarian cancersLiao, X; Chan, YK; Chan, ILS; Wong, KY; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Siu, KY; Khoo, US; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2009124
Aberrant activation of hedgehog signaling pathway in ovarian cancers: Effect on prognosis, cell invasion and differentiationLiao, X; Siu, MKY; Au, CWH; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Ip, PPC; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2009376
Overexpression of Dock180 in ovarian cancerZhao, F; Siu, KY; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Jiang, L; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2009104
High serum interleukin-6 level predicts future hepatocellular carcinoma development in patients with chronic hepatitis BWong, VWS; Yu, J; Cheng, ASL; Wong, GLH; Chan, HY; Chu, ESH; Ng, EKO; Chan, FKL; Sung, JJY; Chan, HLY2009230
Overexpression of αPIX contributes to ovarian cancer metastasis, increased chemoresistance and poor prognosis.Kong, SH; Siu, KY; Chan, HY; Jiang, L; Tam, KF; Ngan, HYS; Le, XF; Cheung, ANY200991
Comparison of inter- and intraobserver agreement between three types of fetal volume measurement technique (XI VOCAL™, VOCAL™ and multiplanar)Cheong, KB; Leung, KY; Chan, HY; Lee, YP; Yang, F; Tang, MHY200952
Aberrant activation of hedgehog signaling pathway contributes to endometrial carcinogenesis through Β-cateninLiao, X; Siu, MKY; Au, CWH; Chan, QKY; Chan, HY; Wong, ESY; Ip, PPC; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY2009157
Compassion for the disadvantaged in modern society: Promoting empathy and social responsibility among the advantaged youth.Lo, PHY; Chan, HY; Tsui, EYL; Chan, CLW2009126
Activated Stat3 expression in gestational trophoblastic disease: Correlation with clinicopathological parameters and apoptotic indicesChan, HY; Siu, MKY; Zhang, HJ; Wong, ESY; Ngan, HYS; Chan, KYK; Cheung, ANY200898
Differential expression of folate receptor alpha and reduced folate carrier and effect of folate in ovarian cancerSiu, KY; Chan, HY; Kong, SH; Chan, KYQ; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY200886
Promoting positive coping of death: A review of life and death education in Hong Kong and the role of University.Tin, AF; Chan, HY; Tang, A.C.W; Ng, SM; Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY2007130
Expression of phospho-Stat3 in hydatidiform moleChan, HY; Siu, KY; Wong, ESY; Zhang, H; Ngan, HYS; Cheung, ANY200774
Towards zero recurrence rate in laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair for paediatric patients of all agesChan, KL; Chan, HY; Tam, PKH200758
p21-activated kinase 4 in Ovarian Cancer: Its expression, localization and possible functional roleWoo, NWS; Wong, ESY; Chan, HY; Chan, KYQ; Ngan, HYS; Tsao, GSW; Cheung, ANY200788
The impact of antenatal diagnosis on small bowel atresia revisitedWong, KKY; Leung, KH; Lan, LCL; Tam, PKH; Chan, HY200780
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