HKU Scholars in the Top 1%

This list recognizes HKU researchers ranked by Clarivate Analytics in the top 1% worldwide by citations in at least one of the 22 research fields. Data is drawn from Essential Science Indicators (ESI). For ESI methodology, please visit their Help page.

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* Names sorted in alphabetical order

Prof Chan, Daniel Tak MaoDept of Medicine
Prof Chan, Godwin Kwong YuDept of Chemistry
Dr Chan, Kwok WahDept of Pathology
Prof Chan, Wai KinDept of Chemistry
Prof Chau, Kwok TongDept of Electrical & Electronic Engg
Prof Chau, Patrick Yam KeungSchool of Business
Prof Che, Chi MingDept of Chemistry
Dr Chen, HonglinDept of Microbiology
Prof Chen, Steven FengSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Cherny, Stacey ShawnDept of Psychiatry
Prof Cheung, Wing SumDept of Mathematics
Prof Chew, Weng ChoEngineering Faculty
Dr Chou, Kee LeeDept of Soc Work & Social Administration
Dr Corke, HaroldSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Cui, XiaodongDept of Physics
Dr Djurisic, AleksandraDept of Physics
Prof Fan, Sheung TatDept of Surgery
Prof Fang, Herbert Han PingDept of Civil Engineering
Prof Gao, JuDept of Physics
Prof Guan, Xin-YuanDept of Clinical Oncology
Prof Guan, YiDept of Microbiology
Prof Ho, Pak ChungDept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Ho, Pak LeungDept of Microbiology
Dr Hu, HaoDept of Chemistry
Prof Ip, Mary Sau ManDept of Medicine
Dr Kwok, Yu KwongDept of Electrical & Electronic Engg
Prof Kwong, Dora Lai WanDept of Clinical Oncology
Prof Kwong, Yok LamDept of Medicine
Prof Lai, Ching LungDept of Medicine
Prof Lai, Kar NengDept of Medicine
Prof Lam, JamesDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Lam, Karen Siu LingDept of Medicine
Prof Lam, Tai HingDept of Community Medicine
Prof Lang, Niklaus PeterDental Faculty
Dr Lau, Susanna Kar PuiDept of Microbiology
Prof Lau, Wallace Chak SingDept of Medicine
Prof Lau, Yu LungDept of Paediatrics & Adolescent Med
Prof Leung, Gabriel MatthewDept of Community Medicine
Dr Leung, Michael Kwok HiDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Leung, Suet YiDept of Pathology
Prof Leung, Yiu CheongDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Li, Wai KeungDept of Statistics & Actuarial Science
Prof Li, Xiao-yanDept of Civil Engineering
Prof Li, YuguoDept of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Ling, Francis Chi ChungDept of Physics
Prof Liang, Raymond Hin SuenDept of Medicine
Prof Lin, George Chu ShengDept of Geography
Dr Liu, ZhonghuiDept of Earth Sciences
Prof Lo, Chung MauDept of Surgery
Prof Lu, William WeijiaDept of Orthopaedics & Traumatology
Prof Mak, Kai LingDept of Industrial & Mfg Sys Engg
Dr Man, KwanDept of Surgery
Prof Ng, Irene Oi LinDept of Pathology
Prof Ngan, Alfonso Hing WanDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Ngan, Hextan Yuen SheungDept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Nicholls, John MalcolmDept of Pathology
Prof Peiris, Joseph Sriyal MalikDept of Microbiology
Prof Phillips, David LeeDept of Chemistry
Dr Poon, Leo Lit ManDept of Microbiology
Prof Poon, Ronnie Tung PingDept of Surgery
Dr Riley, Steven 17/9/2010Dept of Community Medicine
Prof Sadovy, Yvonne JillSchool of Biological Sciences
Prof Sham, Pak ChungLKS Medical Faculty
Dr Smith, Scott ThomasDept of Civil Engineering
Prof Soh, Ai KahDept of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Song, You-qiangDept of Biochemistry
Prof Sun, HongzheDept of Chemistry
Dr Sun, MeiSchool of Biological Sciences
Prof Sun, MinDept of Earth Sciences
Prof Sze, Kam YimDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Tan, Kathryn Choon BengDept of Medicine
Dr Toy, Patrick HenryDept of Chemistry
Prof Tsao, George Sai WahDept of Anatomy
Prof Tse, David Kwai CheSchool of Business
Prof Tse, Hung FatDept of Medicine
Prof Vanhoutte, Paul Michel Georges RemiDept of Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Prof Walker, Richard MarkDept of Sociology
Prof Wang, JianDept of Physics
Prof Wang, MinDept of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Wang, MingfuSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Wang, YuDept of Pharmacology & Pharmacy
Prof Wei, William IgnaceDept of Surgery
Prof Wong, Wing TakDept of Chemistry
Prof Woo, Patrick Chiu YatDept of Microbiology
Prof Wu, Rudolf Shiu SunSchool of Biological Sciences
Prof Yam, Vivian Wing WahDept of Chemistry
Prof Yang, DanDept of Chemistry
Dr Yang, WanlingDept of Paediatrics & Adolescent Med
Dr Yao, WangDept of Physics
Prof Yeh, Anthony Gar OnDept of Urban Planning & Design
Prof Young, BenDept of Civil Engineering
Prof Yuen, Kwok YungDept of Microbiology
Prof Yuen, Richard Man FungDept of Medicine
Prof Zhang, FuchunDept of Physics
Dr Zhang, TongDept of Civil Engineering
Dr Zhao, GuochunDept of Earth Sciences
Prof Zheng, BojianDept of Microbiology
Prof Zhou, Mei FuDept of Earth Sciences
Dr Cai, YizhongSchool of Biological Sciences
Dr Chan, KaiminDept of Medicine
Dr Chan, Michael Chi WaiDept of Microbiology
Dr Ho, Chi MingDept of Chemistry
Dr Lu, WeiDept of Chemistry
Dr Ma, Stephanie Kwai YeeDept of Pathology
Prof Tam, Paul Kwong HangVice-Chancellor's Office
Dr Tang, BinDept of Mechanical Engineering
Prof Tsui, Lap CheeVice-Chancellor's Office
Dr Wong, Danny Ka HoDept of Medicine
Dr Wong, Man Chung KeithDept of Chemistry
Dr Zhu, NianyongDept of Chemistry