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Dr Wong, William Chi Wai 黃志威

Clinical Associate Professor

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Dr Wong, William Chi Wai 黃志威

Clinical Associate Professor

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Wong, W


Graduated from University of Edinburgh in 1993, William completed the General Practice Vocational Training Program at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London acquiring vocational qualifications in 1998. He speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and English. He has extensive academic and clinical experience having worked in England, Scotland, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Dr Wong conducts research into health beliefs and behaviour in primary care and public health, and his approach essentially translates research findings into clinical services and community settings. His research interest reflects the breath and diverse nature of primary care, but principally focused on sexual health, health equity and health promotion. He has published over 100 manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals including British Medical Journal, Social Science & Medicine, Sociology of Health & Illness, Epidemiology & Community Health, Family Practice, British Journal of General Practice, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). He has been awarded as the Principle Investigator external competitive research grants or commissioned projects including GRF, HMRF & AIDS trust Fund equivalent to HK$10.5million (half of which since he joined HKU in 2010), in addition to other grants of HK$ 8.4million with his active facilitation as Co-I.

Internationally, he has recently been appointed as Temporary Advisor for World Health Organization (2012-14) on STI/ HIV issues. He is also a board member for WONCA Research Working Party, and the representative for the Asia-Pacific region. He has strong links with many international and mainland Chinese universities and institutions. In Hong Kong, he was appointed Penal Member of the Grant Review Board for the Health & Medical Research Fund (2011-14) and Committee Member for Health Care & Promotion Fund (2012-14), The Food & Health Bureau He was elected to be the Council Member of Hong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP 2012-15) and chairs the HKCFP Research Committee.

He is Associate Editor for STI (impact factor (IF) 2.57), BMC infectious Disease (IF 3.03) and BMC journal of Medical Case reports, as well as Guest Editor for the Special Issue of STI on HIV and Health Systems (2012). He has edited four books: General Practice Nursing (McGraw Hill 2010), Problem-based Diagnosis and Management in Primary Care (CUP 2008), Men’s Health (CUP 2006) and Women’s Health (CUP 2008), in addition to his contributions to book chapters on gender and health (“Mainstreaming Gender”) and reproductive health , a textbook for mainland China. The results of his work have been disseminated to the general public through 46 newspaper reports and, radio (including BBC World Service) and TV interviews. 

Honours, Awards & Prizes
AwardeesAward DateHonours / Awards / PrizesCategory
Chen, Q
Liu, R
2018-09-012017年度优秀论文三等奖 for paper “劉瑞紅, 林露娟, 李卓, 陳慶奇, 賈亦真, 黃志威. 綜合醫院全科門診患者自強能力及關因素調查分析. (Patient enablement and its related factors in family medicine clinic of a general hospital.) 中國全科醫師雜志 ( Clin J Gen Practice) 2017; 16 (9): 681-86: 中华医学会《中华全科医师杂志》
Research Achievement
YUEN, Wing Yan Winnie
2015-10-01Awardee of the Best Presentation Award: Evaluation and Mechanism Analysis of HIV Prevention Programme Using Resilience Framework Among Female Sex Workers: A Randomised Controlled Trial: Lancet-CAMS Conference, Beijing, China
Research Achievement
2021-11-01The Excellency Award, Chinese Medical Association GP Section Guideline-based Management National Competition: Cheng DD, Lin CB, Xiang YL, Wu J, Zhang DH, Wong WCW. General Practice Diagnosis, Treatment and Care of a patient with HBV.: Chinese Medical Association
Research Achievement
2022-08-01Second runner-up on Innovation Award. Zhang DH, Yan WH, Chen DD, Lin CB, Wu J, Xiang YL, Wong WC. Clinical Capacity and the Effects of Online Continuing Education of Community Infectious Disease Training among Primary Care Professionals.: The 9th Cross Strait General Practice Conference. Nanjing.
Research Achievement
2022-08-01Second runner-up on Innovation Award. Liu RH, Wong WCW. GP-Clinical Psychology Service Model in General Outpatient Clinics in a General Hospital: A Cross-sectional Study.: The 9th Cross-Strait General Practice Conference. Nanjing. 25-28/8/2022
Research Achievement
2017-03-01Excellence Leadership in Population Health & Health Promotion: Australian Council on Healthcare Standards assessment at HKU-Shenzhen Hospital
Research Achievement
2016-03-01First runner-up for Best Paper: The effects of Patient Empowerment Project (PEP) for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) using Motivational Interviewing.: The 3rd Cross-Straits Medicine Exchange GP Conference
Research Achievement
2015-05-01Best Research Paper: WONCA Asia Pacific Conference
Research Achievement
2015-04-01HKU-Hughes Hall Fellowship: University of Cambridge
Professional Societies
Term PeriodPositionProfessional Societies
2022-24Member of Medical & Support Services Sub-committeeCouncil for AIDS Trust Fund
2016-nowCouncil MemberHong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP)
2016-nowHonorary SecretaryHong Kong College of Family Physicians (HKCFP)
2014-2019ConvenorWONCA Health Equity Special Interest Group
2019 onwardsVice PresidentCross-Strait Medicine Exchange Association
2013-16MemberOrganising Committee, IUSTI
2018-2021Committee memberIRB, HKU-Shenzhen Hospital
2013-16MemberIRB,HKWC/HKU Board
04/0211-03/2013Committee memberResearch committee, Hong Kong Family Planning Assoication
2017-19International AdvisorTowards Union For Health
2011-nowCommittee memberResearch Segment Subcommittee, Specialty Board, HKCFP
2012-15ChairmanOrganising Committee, Hong Kong Primary Care Conference
2015-16Deputy ChairOrganising Committee, Hong Kong Primary Care Conference
2016-17Co-ChairOrganising Committee, Hong Kong Primary Care Conference
2019-21Vice Chair全科医学专业委员会副主席Executive Committee, Cross Strait Medical Exchange Association, China
2021-23MemberWHO Strategic and Technical Advisory Committee on HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections
02/2013-12/2015Council MemberHong Kong College of Family Physicians
2013-15Committee memberCurriculum Reform ad hoc Committee, Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
2016-17Committee MemberOrganising Committee, HKCFP 40th Year Anniversary
2015-16MemberOrganising Committee, Towards Union for Health
2020-22MemberHong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS, The Food and Health Bureau
2016-17MemberOrganising Committee IUSTI
2017-18MemberOrganising Committee IUSTI
2019=21Standing Committee Member 常务委员General Practice Branch of China Association for Promotion of International Exchange of Medical Care (中国医疗保健国际交流促进会全科医学分会
2017-18Committee MemberOrganising Committee, HKAM 25th Anniversary Congress Anniversary Congress
2020-21MemberThe 7th Cross-Strait, Hong Kong and Macau Conference on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRHC), Family Planning Association
2013-15ChairmanResearch Committee, Hong Kong College of Family Physicians
2019-2021Vice Chair 副主任委员Third General Practice Committee of Shenzhen Medical Association (深圳市医学会第三届全科医学专业委员会
2010-nowFellowThe Royal Australian College of General Practice
8/2008-nowFellowThe Royal College of General Practice
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