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21 Century Chinese education: information technology as new forceTse, SK; Ki, WW1998153
Algebra: students' interpretation for 'a (bc)=a ba c'Mok, IAC199789
Algebraic Thinking of Secondary-one Students in Hong Kong: A Case Study.Mok, IAC199666
An alternative guidance programme for pupils: A case study of the co-operation between school and community centreLee, MY; Yuen, MT199768
The anatomy of a Chinese lessonMok, IAC; Chik, PPM; Ko, PY; Kwan, TYL; Lo, ML; Marton, FI; Ng, FP; Pang, MF; Runesson, U; Szeto, SLH1999115
The anatomy of an 'open' mathematics lessonMok, IAC200168
The anatomy of an 'Open' mathematics lessonMok, IAC200063
Application of Fuzzy Set Theory to Grounded Theory methodologyYuen, HK199981
The application of systemic functional linguistic theory to Chinese language education - the teaching of practical writingShum, MSK1997117
Applying Comparative Education in Hong Kong and Beyond (Keynote Speech)Bray, TM2002112
Autonomy and accountability system in higher educationCheng, KM199591
Being good at teaching languageChik, PPM; Ko, PY; Kwan, TYL; Lo, ML; Marton, FI; Mok, IAC; Ng, FP; Pang, MF; Runesson, U; Szeto, SLH199996
Beyond labels: teacher-centred and student activitiesMok, IAC; Ko, PY199968
Biology teachers' struggle with the issue of fairness in a school-based assessment schemeYung, BHW200084
Blueprint of education in the 21st Century (Key-note speech)Cheng, KM200078
A brief introduction of the assessment of Chinese language in Victorian Certificate of Education in AustraliaShum, MSK199797
Bringing Learning AboutPang, MF; Marton, F200172
Building up web site to promote Chinese as a medium of instruction and to develop quality educationTse, SK; Shum, MSK; Ki, WW; Lam, HC; Wong, CK199996
Business education in Hong Kong: the next millenniumCheung, CK199674
Business education: curriculum change and developmentLewis, DB; Cheung, CK199675
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