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Academic staff experiences of teaching, understanding subject matter and research: a student learning perspectiveProsser, MT2010138
Achieving Excellence in Teaching: A Case Study in Embedding Professional Development for Teaching within a Research-Intensive UniversityDoherty, I201332
Achieving systemic eLearning change: a flight of fancy or realizable reality?Doherty, I201324
Active based key-skills learning in engineering curriculum to improve student engagementChan, CKY201065
Active-based Key-skills Learning In Engineering Curriculum To Improve Student EngagementChan, CKY; Murphy, M2008160
Adaptation of mainland postgraduate students to Hong Kong's universitiesZeng, M; Watkins, DA201081
Agile project management for e-learning developmentsDoherty, I201059
Aiming for systemic change through an embedded continuing professional development initiativeDoherty, I201075
Aligning The Learning Activities And Assessments With learning Outcomes And Students' Perception For Transferable SkillsChan, CKY2009155
Approaches to teaching and technology use among international award winning university teachersSalter, D; Lam, JLK2010198
Asian medical students: Quality of life and motivation to learnHenning, MA; Hawken, SJ; Krägeloh, C; Zhao, Y; Doherty, I2011166
Assessing community service type of experiential learningChan, C2011113
Assessing the research experience of postgraduate student at a Hong Kong universityZeng, LM; Webster, BJ2010170
Assessment for community service types of experiential learning in the engineering disciplineChan, CKY2012109
Associating educational psychology theories in a curriculum to maximise student participationChan, CKY201289
Authentic Tasks and Authentic Experiences: Two Dimensions for Delivering Effective Professional DevelopmentDoherty, I201155
Blended learning and PBL: An interactional ethnographic approach to understanding knowledge construction in-situBridges, SM; Green, JL; Botelho, MG; Tsang, PCS201333
Book review: Exploring research based teaching (New directions for teaching and learning, No. 106), Carolin Kreber, Editor (Jossey-Bass, 2006)Doherty, I200866
Business metaphors in a bilingual business lexiconLan, L; Bilbow, GT200239
Can engagement in academic dishonesty be described as planned behaviour or lack of self-control?Henning, M; Doherty, I; Hawken, S; Kelly, F; Ram, S; Malpas, p201178
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