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Between market and state: dilemmas of environmental governance in China's sulphur dioxide emission trading systemTao, J; Mah, DNY2009183
Can Public Managers Reduce Red Tape? The Role of Internal Management in Overcoming External ConstraintsWalker, RM; Brewer, GA2009320
Central-local relations and pricing policies for wind energy in ChinaMah, DNY; Hills, P2008156
Centralization, organizational strategy, and public service performanceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Law, J; Walker, RM2009401
The city and the state: Historical reflections on Hong Kong's identity in transition, 1997 and beyondMacpherson, KL199772
Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development: Wind Resource Assessment in Xinjiang and Guangdong Provinces, ChinaMah, DNY; Hills, PR201092
Combinative effects of innovation types and organizational Performance: A longitudinal study of service organizationsDamanpour, F; Walker, RM; Avellaneda, CN2009421
A comparative study of corporate social responsibility in bangladesh and pakistanNaeem, MA; Welford, R2009163
Consumer perceptions of smart grid development: results of a Hong Kong survey and policy implicationsMah, DNY; Van Der Vleuten, JM; Hills, P; Tao, J2012132
Designing China's urban future: the Greater Shanghai Plan, 1927-1937Macpherson, KL1990131
Dimensions of publicness and organizational performance: A review of the evidenceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Walker, RM2011128
An empirical evaluation of innovation types and organizational and environmental characteristics: Towards a configuration frameworkWalker, RM2008341
Environmental and organizational determinants of external networkingAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Meier, KJ; O'Toole Jr, LJ; Walker, RM201179
EU Accession and Public Service PerformanceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Meier, KJ; O’Toole Jr, LJ; Walker, RM2009320
External Control and Red Tape: The Mediating Effects of Client and Organizational FeedbackBrewer, GA; Walker, RM; Bozeman, B; Avellaneda, CN; Brewer Jr, GA201233
Governing the transition of socio-technical systems: a case study of the development of smart grids in KoreaMah, DNY; Van Der Vleuten, JM; Ip, JCM; Hills, PR201299
Imitating the West? Evidence on Administrative Reform from the Upper Echelons of Chinese Provincial GovernmentChristensen, T; Dong, LS; Painter, M; Walker, RM201219
The impact of management on administrative and survey measures of organizational performanceAndrews, R; Boyne, G; Walker, R2011108
Interdisciplinarity in Sustainability Studies: A ReviewLam, JCK; Walker, RM; Hills, P201288
Local Government Management and Performance: A Review of EvidenceWalker, RM; Andrews, R201312
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