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A community health project for people with Down syndrome in Hong KongChan, EYL; Yeung, YJCY; Chu, CH2001127
Dental care service in the post-secondary institutions in Hong KongChu, CH; Chan, HC; Fu, KW; Fung, CK; Fung, HT; Lee, CW; Lee, CKN; Lue, AK; Man, WL; Wong, DMC2002100
Dental caries and periodontal status of 12-year-old school children in rural Qinghai, ChinaLeung, WK; Chu, CH2003123
Dental caries status of pre-school children in Hong KongChu, CH; Fung, DSH1999318
Dental practice licensing examination in Mainland ChinaChu, CH; Xiao, Y2006108
An employment guide for dentists in Hong KongChu, CH; Au Yeung, SWC; Leung, WK; Li, KM; Li, KC; Lo, WM; Pang, CW; Wong, HYH; Wong, WW2000105
Esthetic designs of removable partial denturesChu, CH; Chow, TW2003296
Fee-paying systems and service patterns in a Hong Kong dental clinicLo, ECM; Yeung, JCYY; Chu, CH2002146
Implementing a model school-based dental care service for children in southern ChinaLo, ECM; Chu, CH; Wong, AHH; Lin, HC2005121
Incompatibility of Self-etch Adhesives with Chemical/Dual-cured Composites: Two-step vs One-step SystemsCheong, C; King, NM; Pashley, DH; Ferrari, M; Toledano, M; Tay, FR2003201
Management of an incident of failed sterilization of surgical instruments in a dental clinic in Hong KongCheng, VCC; Wong, SCY; Sridhar, S; Chan, JFW; Ng, MLM; Lau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Lo, ECM; Chan, KKC; Yuen, KY201316
Management of early childhoold cariesChu, CH200187
Marginal adaptation of glass cermet restorations in primary molarsChu, CH; King, NM; Lee, AMP; Wei, SHY1993113
Monitoring patient satisfaction with university dental services under two fee-paying systemsChu, CH; Jasmine Yeung, CYY; Lo, ECM2001145
Occlusion, orthodontic treatment need and demand of young Chinese adultsChu, CH; Chan, AYY; Cheung, JT; Choy, HB; Ku, CC; Lam, CSN; Lee, KK; Ng, KTY; Wan, HL; Wong, YK2006108
Oral health assessment and education amongst children undergoing cancer therapyChu, CH; Nair, GR; Chan, YHE; Chan, MC; Ching, YM; Ho, WK; Lai, OY; Lee, CC; Sit, KF; Tung, J; Wong, EK2004101
Oral health education for hall residents of the University of Hong KongChu, CH; Lam, KYK; Leung, SW; Ng, JPY; Pau, BSY; Poon, HPW; Tang, KF; Tang, TM; Tsang, CHK200278
Oral health status of young people with cerebral palsy in Hong KongChu, CH; Ho, LI; Ip, YS; Li, TF; Ng, SSW; Tsang, AYC; Yeung, ASH; Yip, WC; Zhang, C200783
Orofacial complications in children undergoing cancer therapy in Hong KongChu, CH; Nair, RG; Chan, GCF2005131
Outcome of root canal treatment using Thermafil and cold lateral condensation filling techniquesChu, CH; Lo, ECM; Cheung, GSP2005178
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