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The application of dental implants to the cleft palate patientsCheung, LK; Kei, LH; Samman, N; Tideman, H1995121
Asystole and bradycardia during maxillofacial surgery: Campbell R, Rodrigo C, Cheung L. Anesth Progr 41:13, 1994Campbell, RCH; Rodrigo, MRC; Cheung, LK199582
Blood loss and transfusion requirements in orthognathic surgerySamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tong, ACK; Tideman, H1996121
Bone scans in the diagnosis and management of mandibular asymmetrySamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199599
Cephalometric studies on the upper airway space in normal ChineseSamman, N1994116
Cleft lip and palate does not just affect the lip and palateOrmiston, IW; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199578
The clinical application of temporalis myofascial flap in cranio-maxillofacial reconstructionCheung, LK; Samman, N; Tideman, H199678
Clinical management of a child with melanotic neuroectodermal tumour of infancyWei, SHY; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H; Wu, PC1996188
Closure of oroantral communications using a pedicled buccal fat pad graftHanazawa, Y; Itoh, K; Mabashi, T; Sato, K; Tideman, H; Samman, N1995141
Contamination of titanium castings by aluminium oxide blastingDarvell, BW; Samman, N; Luk, WK; Clark, RKF; Tideman, H1995121
Effect of demineralised bone matrix on the healing of intramembranous bone graftsDeng, YM; Samman, N; Rabie, ABM199596
The effect of demineralized bone matrix on the healing of intramembranous bone grafts in rabbit skull defectsRabie, ABM; Deng, YM; Samman, N; Hägg, U1996232
The epithelialization process of the temporalis myofascial flap in maxillary reconstructionCheung, LK; Samman, N; Tideman, H1994124
Incidence and prevention of osteoradionecrosis after dental extraction in irradiated patients: A systematic reviewNabil, S; Samman, N2011157
Increased expression of PITX2 transcription factor contributes to ovarian cancer progressionFung, FKC; Chan, DW; Liu, VWS; Leung, THY; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS2012225
Innovative primary care training: the Cambridge health alliance oral physician programGiddon, DB; Seymour, BA; Swann, B; Anderson, NK; Jayaratne, YSN; Outlaw, J; Kalenderian, E201271
Management of gross skeletal deformity in adult cleft lip and palate patientsOrmiston, IW; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199591
Management of mandibular asymmetrySamman, N; Shen, GF; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H199498
Overgrowth of a costochondral graft in an adult maleSamman, N; Cheung, LK; Tideman, H1995117
Prosthodontic aspects of a new method for functional reconstruction following maxillectomyClark, RKF; Chow, TW; Luc, HWK; Tideman, H199597
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