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A review of research methodologies used in studies on mobile handheld devices in K-12 and higher education settingsCheung, WS; Hew, KF200916
A study of physician collaborations through social network and exponential random graphUddin, S; Hossain, L; Hamra, J; Alam, A201313
Abnormal grey matter in victims of rape with PTSD in Mainland China: A voxel-based morphometry studySui, SG; Wu, MX; King, ME; Zhang, Y; Ling, L; Xu, JM; Weng, XC; Duan, L; Shan, BC; Li, LJ2010209
Academic achievement, pupil participation and integration of group work skills in secondary school classrooms in Trinidad and BarbadosLayne, A; Jules, V; Kutnick, P; Layne, C2008176
Academic entrepreneurialism in a context of altered governance: some reflections of higher education in Hong KongYang, R2013106
Academic integrity: a review of the literatureMacfarlane, B; Zhang, J; Pun, A2012151
Academic staff’s perspectives upon student plagiarism: A case study at a university in Hong KongLi, Y201330
Accent and second language listening comprehensionTauroza, S; Luk, J1997103
Acceptance of competency-based workplace e-learning systems: Effects of individual and peer learning supportCheng, B; Wang, M; Yang, SJH; Kinshuk; Peng, J2011315
Accountability and quality in early childhood education: Perspectives from AsiaWong, MNC; Wang, XC; Li, H201076
Accounting for Tibetan university students' and teachers' intellectual stylesZhang, LF; Fu, H; Jiao, B2008199
Accuracy and variability of acoustic measures of voicing onsetFrancis, AL; Ciocca, V; Yu, JMC2003258
The ACODEA Framework: Developing Segmentation and Classification Schemes for Fully Automatic Analysis of Online DiscussionsMu, J; Stegmann, K; Mayfiled, E; Rose, C; Fischer, F201228
Acoustic and perceptual analysis of modal and falsetto registers in females with dysphoniaLi, NYK; Yiu, EML200698
Acoustic correlates of hypernasalityLee, ASY; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL2003105
The acquisition of Cantonese classifiers by preschool children in Hong KongTse, SK; Li, H; Leung, SO2007374
Activity levels during physical education and recess in two special schools for children with mild intellectual disabilitiesSit, CHP; McKenzie, TL; Lian, JMG; McManus, A2008178
Activity theory as a framework for analysing knowledge buildingVan Aalst, J; Hill, CM2006106
Actualizing reader-response theory on L2 teacher training programsHarfitt, G; Chu, B201173
Adapted design of multimedia-facilitated language learning program for children with autismLau, FK; Yuen, HK; Lian, JM2007103
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