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Accuracy of cortical evoked response audiometry in the identification of non-organic hearing lossTsui, B; Wong, LLN; Wong, ECM2002110
Acoustic analysis in investigating connected speechYiu, EML; Worrall, LE; Longland, J2000123
Acoustic analysis of lexical tone contrasts in dysarthriaWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Chow, DTY2000166
Acoustic analysis of vowels following glossectomyWhitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Chan, JCT; Samman, N2006181
Acoustic changes in Chinese patients with cancer-related unilateral vocal fold paralysis after medialization thyroplastyNg, ML; Wong, RK; Wei, WI; Wong, YH; Lam, PKY2008306
Acoustic changes related to laryngeal examination with a rigid telescopeNg, ML; Bailey, RL200667
Acoustic Characteristics of Male Commercial and Public Radio Broadcast VoicesWarhurst, S; McCabe, P; Yiu, EML; Heard, R; Madill, C201339
Acoustic characteristics of three-year-olds' correct and incorrect monosyllabic Mandarin lexical tone productionsWong, P201239
Acoustic fidelity of internet bandwidths for measures used in speech and voice disordersXue, SA; Lower, A2010152
Acoustic, aerodynamic, physiologic, and perceptual properties of modal and vocal fry registersBlomgren, M; Chen, Y; Ng, ML; Gilbert, HR199881
An acoustical and perceptual study of vowels produced by alaryngeal speakers of cantoneseNg, ML; Chu, R2009109
An acoustics-based assessment of error patterns in English sounds produced by Cantonese ESL speakersZhang, L; Ng, ML2011160
Acquired disorders of reading and writing: Cross-script comparisonsWeekes, BS200586
Acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia across scriptsWeekes, BS2012102
Acquired dyslexia and dysgraphia in ChineseYin, W; He, S; Weekes, BS2005122
Acquired dyslexia in a transparent orthography: An analysis of acquired disorders of reading in the Slovak languageHricová, M; Weekes, BS201258
Acquired dyslexia in a Turkish-English speakerRaman, I; Weekes, BS2005116
The acquisition of phonology by Cantonese-speaking children.So, LK; Dodd, BJ1995939
Acquisition of Putonghua (Mandarin) phonology: influence from the mother tongueSo, LKH; Zhou, J1998158
The Acquisition of Putonghua PhonologySo, LKH; Zhou, J1998116
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