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Activity levels in the left hemisphere caudate-fusiform circuit predict how well a second language will be learnedTan, LH; Chen, L; Yip, V; Chan, AHD; Yang, J; Gao, JH; Siok, WT2011230
Africa-China relations: Symmetry, soft power and South AfricaBodomo, A2009206
Assessing language dominance in bilingual acquisition: a case for mean length utterance differentialsYip, V; Matthews, S2006249
Automatic expansion of abbreviations in Chinese news textFu, G; Luke, KK; Zhou, G; Xu, R2006141
Biological abnormality of impaired reading is constrained by cultureSiok, WT; Perfetti, CA; Jin, Z; Tan, LH2004273
Calling for Help. Carolyn D. Baker, Michael Emmison, Alan Firth (Eds.), John Benjamins, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2005, xviii + 352 pages, EUR 120Luke, KK200763
Cerebral hemodynamic response in Chinese (first) and English (second) language processing revealed by event-related functional MRIPu, Y; Liu, HL; Spinks, JA; Mahankali, S; Xiong, J; Feng, CM; Tan, LH; Fox, PT; Gao, JH2001126
Changing forms of language and literacy: technobabble and mobile phone communicationBodomo, AB; Lee, KMC2002200
Children's reading performance is correlated with white matter structure measured by diffusion tensor imagingDeutsch, GK; Dougherty, RF; Bammer, R; Siok, WT; Gabrieli, JDE; Wandell, B2005169
Classifiers ≠ DeterminersWu, Y; Bodomo, A2009221
Cognitive mechanisms for Chinese developmental dyslexiaXu, S; Peng, DL; Xue, G; Tan, LH200194
Cognitive processing in Chinese literate and illiterate subjects: An fMRI studyLi, G; Cheung, RTF; Gao, JH; Lee, TMC; Tan, LH; Fox, PT; Jack Jr, CR; Yang, ES2006204
A comparative study of English small clauses and Dagaare serial verbsBodomo, AB2000115
A comparative study of the semantics of serial verb constructions in Dagaare and CantoneseLuke, KK; Bodomo, AB2003121
Construction of Cross-Cultural Identity by Language Choice and Linguistic Practice: A Case-Study of Mixed Hong Kong-Mainland Identity in University ContextsGong, T; Shuai, L; Liu, J20135
Cortical processing of Chinese and English words by early Cantonese-English bilinguals.Wong, SWH; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, JC; Tan, LH200297
Differential activity in left inferior frontal gyrus for pseudo and real words: An event-related fMRI study on auditory lexical decisionXiao, Z; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Wu, R; Hu, X; Weng, X; Tan, LH2005206
A discourse analysis of sentence-final 'sin' in CantoneseLuke, KK2002146
Dislocation or Afterthought?-A Conversation Analytic Account of Incremental Sentences in ChineseLuke, Kk201287
A dissociation between orthographic awareness and spelling productionPerry, C; Ziegler, JC; Coltheart, M2002270
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