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A case management model in the halfway house services of the Mental Health Association of Hong Kong: apreliminary study of effectivenessYeung, Pin-mui, Maggie.; 楊冰梅.2006343
A longitudinal study of maternal anxiety from the antenatal to the postpartum period: risk factors and adverseoutcomes on infant temperament and developmentChan, Chui-yi.; 陳翠兒.2012141
A longitudinal study of paternal mental health problems from the antenatal to the postpartum period: riskfactors, relationship with maternal factors and impact of gender roleand traditionalism-modernityKoh, Yee Woen.; 許逸雯.201266
A prospective study of high-risk behaviors and their risk and protective factors among adolescents in Hong KongChui, Hang-wai.; 徐恆慧.2008369
A study of ideas and delusions of reference in schizophrenia: phenomenological, cognitive, andphysiological explorationsWong, Hoi-yan, Gloria.; 黃凱茵.2010514
A study of self-efficacy and burnout among the mental health care workers in the psychiatric services in Hong KongChan, Nga-yee, Zoe.; 陳雅怡.2009317
A study of the effects of multi-sensory stimulation on pre-verbal communication skills of people with a profound learning disabilityChan, Chi-man.; 陳志文.2006211
A study of the relationship between peer influence and adolescent substance abuse: a social learningapproachPoon, Wai-fong.; 潘惠芳.2003786
Acupuncture for insomnia: a systematic reviewand randomized placebo-controlled trialsYeung, Wing-fai; 楊穎輝2009358
An exploratory study of women's body image across the life span: the role of cognitive controlLee, Man-shan, Emily.; 李雯珊.2004367
Analysis for segmental sharing and linkage disequilibrium: a genomewide association study on myopiaLee, Yiu-fai.; 李耀暉.2009298
Automatic thoughts of depressed patients in Hong Kong: an exploratory studyChan, Chun-kit; 陳俊傑2004166
Behavioral and neuroanatomical effects of prenatal exposure to valproic acid in the mouse : relevance to autism spectrum disordersWei, Ran; 魏然201383
Behavioural and pharmacological study of an animal model relevant to schizophreniaZhang, Xiaofan; 張晓凡20138
Blood brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) expression in normal humans and schizophrenic patientsLiu, Ping; 劉苹2004426
China blue collar workers: work stress, coping and mental healthLee Ching-man, Dorothy.; 李靜敏.2003471
Classification of insomnia using traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic system: a systematic reviewPoon, Man-ki.; 潘敏琪.2009374
Clinical correlates of hierarchically modeled perceptions of self & others in psychosisLongenecker, Julia Martin.2011103
Cognitive dysfunction implicated in the expression of attentional blink in schizophreniaCheung, Vinci; 張穎思2002308
Coping with loss: an exploratory study in Hong KongChan, Wai-man, Raymond.; 陳偉文.2004205
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