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A 0.9V 2.7uW Small-Area 100us+ Analog CMOS Tunable-Delay Circuit Utilizing Miller EffectNg, CW; Wong, N; Kwong, DKK20081,752
A 0.9V 2.7μW small-area 100μs+ analog CMOS tunable-delay circuit utilizing miller effectNg, DCW; Wong, N; Kwong, DKK2008296
1+1>2: Extraordinary fluid conductivity enhancementWei, X; Wang, L2009719
1-bounded space algorithms for 2-dimensional bin packingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y2009241
A 1-local 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsChin, FYL; Zhang, Y; Zhu, H20071,124
A 1-local asymptotic 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsZhang, Y; Chin, FYL; Zhu, H20091,260
1-Space Bounded Algorithms for 2-Dimensional Bin PackingChin, FYL; Ting, HF; Zhang, Y20091,080
1-µm Micro-lens Array on Flip-chip Light-emitting DiodesLI, KH; ZHANG, Q; Choi, HW201363
1/f noise behaviors of NO-nitrided n-MOSFETsXu, JP; Lai, PT; Cheng, YC2001134
1/f noise in n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors under different hot-carrier stressesXu, JP; Lai, PT; Cheng, YC19992,562
10 million unknowns: Is it that big?Velamparambil, S; Chew, WC; Song, J200368
10 years of Autogas in Hong KongTyler, D; Leung, DYC201190
100 nm metallic checkerboard by wafer-scale nanoimprint and its application in surface enhanced Raman spectroscopyLi, WD; Wang, C; Chou, SY2010170
<102> Oriented dislocations with <001> burgers vector in NiAl single crystalsMeng, XK; Ngan, AHW; Liu, ZG1996311
{113} Twinned ZnSe bicrystal nanobelts filled with < 111 > twinningsJin, L; Wang, J; Cao, G; Xu, Z; Jia, S; Choy, WCH; Leung, YP; Yuk, TI2008147
A 12-node hybrid stress brick element for beam/column analysisSze, KY; Lo, SH1999225
160-Gb/s OTDM de-multiplexing based on a pulsed pump optical parametric amplifierLiang, Y; Zhou, Y; Chui, PC; Wong, KKY2009547
160-Gb/s OTDM de-multiplexing based on a pulsed-pump parametric wavelength exchangeShen, M; Xu, X; Wong, KKY2009254
A 160-Gb/s OTDM demultiplexer based on parametric wavelength exchangeShen, M; Xu, X; Yuk, TI; Wong, KKY2009368
160-Gb/s polarization-insensitive demultiplexer based on a fiber-optical parametric amplifierLiang, Y; Zhang, C; Wong, KKY2011273
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