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The role of calcium in the induction of ornithine decarboxylase by L-asparagine in Reuber H-35 rat hepatoma cellsHau, Kwok-po.; 侯國寶1993224
The role of carotenogenesis in the response of the green alga haematococcus pluvialis to oxidative stressLi, Yantao.; 李彥韜.2007361
The role of children and youth centres in fulfiling adolescents'needsLo, Yuen-shan.; 羅婉珊.1993163
The role of Chinese in Mongolia in the develoipment of Ming-Mongol relationship during the Jiajing Reign (1522-1567)Kwok, Yiu-wah.; 郭耀華.1995186
The role of civic education in strengthening civic identity among HongKong adolescentsChiang, Pui-yee.; 蔣佩儀.2003831
The role of co-ordination in the management of engineering services contractsChan, Kong-yau.; 陳剛友.1989269
The role of cognitive coping strategies on depressive symptoms and life satisfaction among the Chinese elderly in Hong KongChan, Wing-ling, Winning2004429
The role of community development in regional autonomy: towards people-centered development in IndonesiaJap, Devina Satyapraba Raditya.2002255
The role of community work in private housing managementLeung, Kam-tao.; 梁錦滔.1990144
The role of composting in solid waste managementChiu, Kai-hing, Christine.; 趙繼馨1994204
The role of computed tomography volumetry in the assessment of advanced lung cancer and oesophageal cancerYip, Tsz-chung.; 葉子仲.2002522
The role of container liner shipping in the logistics industry: opportunities and challengesLee, Siu-ping, Sonia.; 李少萍2002524
The Role of conventional sperm parameters, quantitative motile characteristics and acrosome reaction of spermatozoa in predictingsuccessful outcome following artificial inseminationMakkar, Guneet.2000323
The role of coping style and need for closure in relapseHuang, Hai-yen.2000238
The role of cross-sectional and pulsed Doppler echocardiography in themanagement of patients with congenital heart disease: a changing practiceLeung, Ping, Maurice.; 梁平1991254
The role of culture in developmental dyslexiaFallowfield, Hayley Michelle.2010308
The role of cyclooxygenase gene in liver inflammation using COX-1 knockout miceHuang, Hai; 黃海2006118
The role of cyclooxygenase-1 in liver injuryLau, Kam-shing; 劉錦成2002191
The role of data in housing design in ChinaChen, Suifeng.; 陳穗峰.2004187
The role of DC-Sign in the regulation of the function and survival of dendritic cells in HIV-1 infectionChung, Pui-yee, Nancy; 鍾佩儀2004276
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