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The role of attribution and efficacy expectation in coping with marital conflictCheung, Siu-kau.; 張兆球1992220
The role of attributional style in the relationship of social axioms and forgivenessKung, Wing-yan.; 龔詠訢.2010231
The role of avoidance in anxiety and depression: a structural equation modeling studyChan, Ping-yin, Jason.; 陳炳賢2008297
The role of B cell activating factor in B cell development and autoimmunityZhang, Min; 張敏2006286
The role of brands in corporate strategies in Hong KongFok, Gary S.; 霍紹城.1995478
The role of Buddhism in Thailand's politics of modernisationChoy, Chat-kwan, Edwin.; 蔡澤群.1983441
The role of Ca2+ in protection of preconditioning and ischaemia-induced injury in the rat heartYan, Wing-yi.; 殷詠儀.2003269
The role of calcium in the induction of ornithine decarboxylase by L-asparagine in Reuber H-35 rat hepatoma cellsHau, Kwok-po.; 侯國寶1993225
The role of carotenogenesis in the response of the green alga haematococcus pluvialis to oxidative stressLi, Yantao.; 李彥韜.2007362
The role of children and youth centres in fulfiling adolescents'needsLo, Yuen-shan.; 羅婉珊.1993163
The role of Chinese in Mongolia in the develoipment of Ming-Mongol relationship during the Jiajing Reign (1522-1567)Kwok, Yiu-wah.; 郭耀華.1995188
The role of civic education in strengthening civic identity among HongKong adolescentsChiang, Pui-yee.; 蔣佩儀.2003841
The role of co-ordination in the management of engineering services contractsChan, Kong-yau.; 陳剛友.1989270
The role of cognitive coping strategies on depressive symptoms and life satisfaction among the Chinese elderly in Hong KongChan, Wing-ling, Winning2004430
The role of community development in regional autonomy: towards people-centered development in IndonesiaJap, Devina Satyapraba Raditya.2002255
The role of community work in private housing managementLeung, Kam-tao.; 梁錦滔.1990144
The role of composting in solid waste managementChiu, Kai-hing, Christine.; 趙繼馨1994204
The role of computed tomography volumetry in the assessment of advanced lung cancer and oesophageal cancerYip, Tsz-chung.; 葉子仲.2002523
The role of container liner shipping in the logistics industry: opportunities and challengesLee, Siu-ping, Sonia.; 李少萍2002525
The Role of conventional sperm parameters, quantitative motile characteristics and acrosome reaction of spermatozoa in predictingsuccessful outcome following artificial inseminationMakkar, Guneet.2000323
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