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Implicit motor learning of a balancing taskOrrell, AJ; Eves, FF; Masters, RSW200699
Implicit motor learning promotes neural efficiency during laparoscopyZhu, FF; Poolton, JM; Wilson, MR; Hu, Y; Maxwell, JP; Masters, RSW2011144
Implicit motor learning, reinvestment and movement disruption : what you don't know won't hurt youMasters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2012152
Implicit motor learning: A suppression solution?MacMahon, KMA; Masters, RSW200290
Implicit motor learning: reinvestment and movement disruption: What you don't know won't hurt you?Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2004407
Implicit motor learning: What do we really know?Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP200457
Implicit perceptual learning and the significance of chance comparisons: A response to JacksonFarrow, D; Abernethy, B200388
Implicit practice for technique adaptation in expert performersRendell, M; Farrow, D; Masters, RSW; Morris, T2009104
Implicit practice for technique adaptation in expert performersRendell, M; Farrow, D; Masters, R; Plummer, N2011246
Implicit sequence learning processes after unilateral strokeOrrell, AJ; Eves, FF; Masters, RSW; MacMahon, KMM2007104
The importance of 'making time for me': Lessons from the Work/Life Tension Project and how dual-earner parents experience timeBrown, P; Cerin, E; Warner-Smith, P2008115
Improving aerobic power in primary school boys: A comparison of continuous and interval trainingMcManus, AM; Cheng, CH; Leung, MP; Yung, TC; Macfarlane, DJ2005216
Improving predictions of body fat in young Chinese adults: historical predictors show significant biasMacfarlane, DJ201322
Improving the 'how' and 'what' decisions of elite table tennis playersRaab, M; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2005110
Improving the continuous tracking paradigm to investigate implicit motor learningZhu, F; Poolton, J; Masters, R201262
An in-situ examination of the timing of information pick-up for interception by cricket batsmen of different skill levelsMüller, S; Abernethy, B; Reece, J; Rose, M; Eid, M; McBean, R; Hart, T; Abreu, C2009174
Increasing difficulty but not decreasing performance - maintained interception with increments in visual blur.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2009112
Individual calibration for estimating free-living walking speed using the MTI monitorBarnett, A; Cerin, E200661
Influence of analogy instruction for pitch variation on perceptual ratings of other speech parametersTse, ACY; Wong, WK; Ma, EPM; Whitehill, TL; Masters, RSW201340
The influence of analogy learning on decision-making in table tennis: Evidence from behavioural dataPoolton, JM; Masters, RSW; Maxwell, JP2006336
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